why donald faison would be the best fake boyfriend ever

Donald Faison won my heart for the first time as Murray (Clueless) and in my teen years as Tracy (Felicity), but it was really his role as Dr. Christopher Turk (Scrubs), that I realized that he’s the perfect fake boyfriend.

Murray may have been a tad sexist, but what 16-year old boy isn’t? He taught his Dionne the rules of the road and together they ventured into the world of ‘vehicular sex’. He was the perfect accessory, as he rocked a baldhead on a Michael Jordan level of hot and wore neon “urban” looks that complimented his equally well-coifed girlfriend. If that wasn’t enough, he was sweet and a friend to the best friend (Cher) and her revolving door of beaus. Tracy was much more subdued than Murray, but still cocky. He also had a boyish-charm that I’m attributing to Faison’s adorably swollen top lip from years of braces, but was pre-med and a virgin. And all of these together are respectable elements but Dr. Turk is the reason behind this thesis and the necessary ingredient for the fake boyfriend trifecta.

For the guys that watched Scrubs, Turk and J.D. set the standard for bromances (Guy Love sums it up far better than I ever can or will). This level of unapologetic man loving only adds to Turk’s appeal. But it’s his relationship and, later on, marriage to Carla that makes for one of my favorite TV couples. Turk is a successful surgeon, funny, arrogant, laid-back and the guy you know will make you laugh way more than he’ll ever make you cry.

I like to think Donald Faison is a mesh of all these characters…boyish like Murray, romantic like Tracy and easy-going like Turk. He would be the perfect fake boyfriend and I would know that whether I was jealous (Dionne), analytical (Elena) or controlling (Carla), he’d be perfectly equipped to diffuse the situation.

Following him on Twitter was meant to end the mystique and make me realize Donald doesn’t match up to the characters he plays, but unfortunately with tweets like, “Yo , if you jump on my back expecting me to Eagle you’re in for a surprise. I’ll flip you. I’ll flip you for real.” my yearning for this fake boyfriend lives on.

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