hairology + ‘boy meets world’

I’ve seen every episode of Boy Meets World….several times. Is that something to be proud of? Nah. Has the knowledge that contrary to what they said, Cory and Topanga were NOT childhood sweethearts been relevant for me outside of conversations directly related to Boy Meets World? Of course not. Realizing Shawn Hunter (bad boy turned alcoholic turned poet) and Cory Matthews (regular kid turned regular teenager turned boring, married college student) had the kind of friendship I someday wanted (and finally found my freshmen year of college), was probably the only life lesson the show ever gave me.


Apparently hair was an important factor for Boy Meets World. I missed that mostly because I was too busy obsessing over the lesser known, but equally hot Lawrence brother and how dumb Eric got every season. The author of “When Boy Met Curl: The mane lessons of ‘Boy Meets World‘” clearly saw what I glossed over. Outside of the author neglecting to mention Angela’s ‘do and its transitions through the series, its a good read, especially if you have a soft spot for Boy Meets World the way I do.

“I watched Boy Meets World  for two reasons.

First, it was a show that made me feel like I wasn’t alone in life. Like Cory Matthews (Ben Savage), the show’s protagonist, I didn’t have the answers growing up. He muddled his way through high school, puberty, friendships and sex, just like me. Amidst a sea of sitcom Smart-Alecks and Sassers, he was an Everyman, instantly relatable to me on every level.” (Read the full story here).

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