one tree killer (semi-spoiler alert!?)


A new cast member has been added for the ninth and FINAL! season of One Tree Hill. His name is Andrew Elvis Miller and he has been programmed to kill – he isn’t a robot just some hyperbole on my part. I think our previous post (fall 2011: new shows we won’t be watching) played a major role in this decision.

Seeing as though execs are throwing the “final season” phrase around and there have already been contractual disputes with original cast member Sophia Bush someone might be going out the hard way. I’ll admit I was skeptical about the show continuing after Lucas and Peyton drove into obscurity but the following two seasons weren’t as bad as expected. But, lately, I’ve honestly been waiting for the next big plot twist and all I got was Brooke STILL not getting a family (Sorry?).

One Tree was consistent drama that actually made a decent transition from the cast starting in high school and moving ahead – via time jump – to life after college with the exception of Nathan (Sorry again?). Words of advice to the cast “Keep your head down”.

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2 thoughts on “one tree killer (semi-spoiler alert!?)

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