pop up video respawn

I would like to start by saying that I have NEVER been a fan of sitting down and just watching music videos for hours on end. I get tired of seeing the same stories played out by different actors/artists. Is it weird that I watch videos for the story instead of the actual music? But anyway, Pop-Up Video was the only time I could really sit and watch every single second of every video no matter if I liked the artist/song or not. I was (not so) force-fed information about the production of the video, the band’s reluctance to drink tap water, or just random “vital information for my everyday life” – thanks Lori Beth Denberg! A kid with ADD couldn’t dream of a better show!

I remember watching and remembering some of the quirky tidbits from certain videos and waiting to watch the regular video to play again with people that I knew who weren’t as cool as me didn’t watch the show so I could blow their minds off when I told them all this random information. Now that I think about it, that sounds a tad annoying…whatever. But there is NO reason I should know that Rembrandts video for “I’ll Be There For You” was filmed exactly 452 years after the astronomer Copernicus’ death. Or that “Fab” from the group Milli Vanilli began his dancing career after a tragic trampoline accident excluded him from sports. Like why did I need that?! But I appreciated every bit of it.

Would those eyes lie to you?

My love for the gem that was Pop-Up Video had gone so deep that, late last year, myself and a peer on this blog – that would be “nicolewritenow” – were in the preliminary stages of making our own version of the hit show to share with you beautiful people. And by “preliminary” I mean we said we would do it and talked about how awesome it would be. But VH1 stole our idea of their original idea right from under us earlier this year.

Even though I feel somewhat cheated that “big brother” beat us to the comeback, I’m excited to learn way more information than I need to about artists I really don’t care about. And with the new foray into the Hip-Hop and Rap genres I’m sure the show will bring in a more diverse audience. With VH1 signing up for 60 30-minute episodes this could be the best thing for the network since: A) Flavor of Love, B) Rock of Love, C) New York Goes to Work, D) Brooke Knows Best, or E) Pop-Up Video was last on the air. I hope that answer is obvious enough…

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