hung in there

I watch Hung, but I’ve never talked to anyone about it. Mostly because it’s not a show that’s discussed in casual conversation and once the season ends, I forget about it. None of that is said to take away from this HBO dramedy, because it’s actually really good.

Ray, the show’s main character, is living a life that isn’t all that dissimilar to millions of other people across the country: divorced, limited amount of cash flow and trying to keep his children from knowing just how bad things have become. So how does one combat the recession? By getting a pimp (or two) and using his….physical endowments…to make some extra money. It sounds like a soft-core plot you “accidentally” turn to on Cinemax during the late night hours, and although there are plenty of gratuitous sex scenes, the show does offer more.

He’s the prototypical underdog and constantly tries to find the good things around him and latch on. Ray doesn’t get a “win” very often and he’s not appreciated for much more than his talents in bed. But he keeps at it and you identify with his struggle.

The Season 3 trailer for the show has been released and premieres on October 2nd. HBO will probably throw it somewhere into their lineup and continue to diligently NOT promote this show. Bummer.

Oh and for all of you hipsters people who like The Black Keys, Hung’s intro does them justice.

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