knocked up…the kinda-sorta sequel

Knocked Up was funny. It wasn’t Judd Apatow’s Step Brothers, Anchorman or 40-Year-Old Virgin funny, but it was more than a few laughs above Year One and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

In its entirety, Apatow’s catalog has something for everyone and after Bridesmaids, I’m convinced he’s one of the few to understand and appreciate the box-office appeal of raunchy, female-led comedies. Nothing against Katherine Heigl, but if we could go back in time and pick Kristen Wiig or Maya Rudolph for her role in Knocked Up, I would probably rank it higher on my list.

Debbie and Pete

Well a Knocked Up sorta-sequel, This is Forty, is in the works and this time around, Apatow is focusing on Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s characters (Debbie and Pete). They collectively made up for the funniest moments of the movie and Apatow’s previous ‘sorta-sequel’, Get Him to the Greek, was hilarious. Suffice to say….expectations will be high

Jason Segel has already filmed a scene or two for the upcoming movie, which means we will (more than likely) see more of his creepy/hilarious flirting with Mann’s Debbie. And for all of you Megan Fox fanatics who swear she’s a great actress, she’ll also have a role. This could actually work in her favor (and make a few people forget how hard she jagged being in the third Transformers installment) IF she’s able to keep up with her cast mates in the comedy marathon.

Apatow, Fox and Segel

Will you see This is Forty when it hits the big screen next year? Of course you will…we all will. The man made a movie that’s basically Hitch with animals and still grossed millions on its opening day. For better or worse, we trust Apatow’s brand. He has us and he knows it.

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