paul rudd: from ‘clueless’ to ‘idiot’

Paul Rudd is the boy-next-door. Cute. Friendly without being annoying. Romantic while teetering on sappy. Has been in enough frat pack movies to be well-liked, but will never be the popular jock (i.e. Brad Pitt) or bad boy (i.e. Colin Farrell circa the early 2000s) of Hollywood. Throughout his career, Rudd has built a catalog with something for everyone, which really hit home after reading 9 Milestones in the Evolution of Paul Rudd.

As the title implies, it looks at the nine movie roles that took Rudd from Cher Horowitz’s ex-stepbrother to a trippy hippie in Our Idiot Brother, which is in theaters this weekend. I would have personally accredited Forgetting Sarah Marshall for helping Rudd first get in touch with his ‘inner hippie’ and introducing him to Russel Brand’s shaggy look he’d use for this newest movie.

If the reviews are any indication, Rudd has another solid movie on his hands, but are you planning on checking it out? And if you have, is it worth seeing?

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One thought on “paul rudd: from ‘clueless’ to ‘idiot’

  1. […] Paul Rudd as the spoiled rich kid, Bobby Newport. He’s the Sweetums heir. He has a candy-bar and boat named after him, Bobby Bar and Bobby’s Boat, respectively. His dad is BFFs with John Cougar Mellencamp. Also, he used the term ‘cam-pleasure’, which is his alternative to campaign. Genius. […]

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