lucas will be back for one tree hill’s final season

Yes, there are people that have remained loyal to One Tree Hill. And yes, we are among those people.

I’ve never been a fan of Peyton Sawyer, so when I read that Chad Michael Murray would be returning for One Tree Hill’s final season sans his onscreen wife, I was ELATED. Although I’m a major Brooke/Julian supporter, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a little Brucas action. Maybe a dream sequence? Or one of those weird flashbacks to events we never saw but work perfectly as a plot device? OTH has been ‘jumping the shark’ for the past four seasons, so it’s not all that outrageous to think either of those could happen.

One Tree Hill will be back for its last season in Spring 2012 and you can check out the full story on Murray’s return here.

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2 thoughts on “lucas will be back for one tree hill’s final season

  1. […] When a show has the opportunity to end on a note of their choosing, long time fans can be rewarded with the storyline(s) we’d always hoped for, but never thought we would see (Ari and Dana Gordon finally acting on all that sexual tension) and old favorites can be carted back out for one last hurray (Lucas returning to OTH). […]

  2. […] went into this season knowing two potentially great things: Lucas is back and a killer is on running around Tree Hill. Will the two be related? Who knows! But instead of […]

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