on the fringe

Fringe fans should have come to the realization that the supernatural is commonplace. With accelerated aging, experimental drug testing and alternate universes/characters running rampant through the first three seasons almost nothing should come as a genuine shocker. Then, in the season three finale, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) goes all Houdini on us. He just disappeared. Neither universe seems to know what happened to him either. But in this season four teaser trailer we see Peter interacting with “Faux”-livia (Anna Torv).

Fringe has been doing a great job of being just as nonsensically accurate – I hope that made sense for you too? – as Lost was but without going so far away from reality that there is a inevitable failure  when things need to be wrapped up (see Lost series finale for clues). I have faith that J.J. Abrams and crew will keep the show interesting by not putting one of its main characters in “limbo” for the majority of the season.

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