judgement call: up all night

Up All Night focuses on the lives of a hard-working/partying couple as they adjust to the birth of their first child. Christina Applegate and Will Arnett star in the new comedy on NBC. Reagan (Applegate) is an executive for a televised talk hosted by the hilariously random Ava (Maya Rudolph) and Chris (Arnett) is an attorney who opted to be a stay-at-home dad.

Truth be told, when I hear Christina Applegate is showing up on a screen of any size I’ll usually have my eyes prepared somewhere nearby and Will Arnett is a versatile actor who can give you just enough douchebag as he can awkward, passive-aggressive sarcasm. I’ve just recently started appreciating Maya Rudolph for her humor on a consistent basis; I know she was a mainstay on SNL for nearly a decade but I feel that system sometimes makes people seem more comically inclined than they actually are.

I thought the couple was going to be facing comedic problems along the lines of “I forgot to wipe her before I put on a new pamper” but it seems as though the real focus is on how their lives are changing due to the child.  I’ll admit whenever parents can shell out swear words in the presence of newborns – never said I was a role model – you can count me in! I was indifferent in regards to Up All Night before viewing the pilot episode but I think my DVR is going to get a new weekly 30 minute treat.

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