it’s always sunny in philadelphia: frank’s pretty woman

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is able to venture into more mature storylines because it’s on FX where no one bats an eye if “shit” or “bitch” are used freely. We’re not sure how much we loved “the gang” relapsing and being addicted to crack for pretty much the whole episode (if they weren’t mentioning it in every scene or smelling freshly burned crack rock in the air, someone was actually smoking it up). The overall plot may have lacked a little bit, but the individual moments more than helped pull the episode together.

The story behind Mac’s supersizing worked out. We were originally scared that he had just let himself go, something that would have been very un-Mac. But no, he’s “cultivating mass” and looks at his extra 50+ pounds as beneficial. Besides having Type-2 adult onset diabetes (pronounced die-a-bitus if you’re Mac) everything is looking good for him. Stay jacked Mac!

Roxy the hooker made us cringe visually and LOL with every raspy zinger she threw. Although she met her demise last night, she went out in a stylish jacket that was “tighter than dick skin”. Oh Roxy, setting the standard for all TV hookers.

It’s almost impossible not to love Charlie, especially when he and Frank team up for their inane ideas. Charlie’s Texan millionaire persona/accent and the projectile vomiting was….surprising? Revolting? Gross? Appropriately inappropriate? But Frank and Charlie are the epitome of what it means to be semi-disgusting creeps so we go into every episode mentally preparing for these antics by now.

Geoffrey Owens (Elvin from The Cosby Show) as Tiger Woods was definitely an excepted bonus although his Donovan McNabb was the tops. Another bonus? Mac’s chimichanga dance.


“I’m gonna give you all 24 hours to do what you have to do but tomorrow night I’m proposing to that dirty whore.” –Frank, to the gang, about proposing to Roxy

“Shut-up Baby D**k.” – Roxy to Dennis

“This whole thing is blowing my mind, your life is way more glamorous than what I was picturing.” – Dee
“Yeah…now help me dig these crack rocks outta my ass.” – Roxy

“Like right now? Dude, I am doing leg lifts that are imperceptible to the human eye, they’re called humming birds.” –Dennis trying to motivate Mac

“We boil all our denim.” –Charlie on the sanitary level of his new jeans found under the Brooklyn bridge

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