fall 2011 tv premiere dates: sept. 19-25

Last week we fell in love with Ringer and Up All Night, as well as the return of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This week brings back even more old favorites and quite a few new shows.

Premiering September 19th-25th








Monday (Sept. 19th)


Dancing With the Stars (@ 7pm CST)

Castle (@ 9pm CST)


How I Met Your Mother (@ 7pm CST)

Two and a Half Men (@ 8pm CST)

2 Broke Girls (@ 8:30 pm CST)

Hawaii Five-O (@ 9pm CST)


The Sing-Off (@ 7pm CST)

The Playboy Club (@ 9pm CST)








Tuesday (Sept. 20th)


Dancing With the Stars results show (@ 8pm CST)

Body of Proof (@ 9pm CST)


NCIS (@ 7pm CST)

NCIS LA (@ 8pm CST)

Unforgettable (@ 9pm CST)


Glee (@ 7pm CST)

New Girl (@ 8pm CST)

Raising Hope (@ 8:30pm CST)


The Biggest Loser (@ 7pm CST)








Wednesday (Sept. 21st)


The Middle (@ 7pm CST)

Modern Family (@ 8pm CST)

Revenge (@ 9pm CST)


Criminal Minds (@ 8pm CST)

CSI (@ 9pm CST)


The X-Factor (@ 7pm CST)


Up All Night – regular time (@ 7pm CST)

Free Agents – regular time (@ 7:30pm CST)

Harry’s Law (@ 8pm CST)

Law and Order: SVU (@ 9pm CST)








Thursday (Sept. 22nd )


Charlie’s Angels (@ 7pm CST)

Grey’s Anatomy (@ 8pm CST)


The Big Bang Theory (@ 7pm CST)

Person of Interest (@ 8pm CST)

The Mentalist (@ 9pm CST)


The X-Factor results show (@ 7pm CST)


Community (@ 7pm CST)

Parks and Recreation (@ 7:30pm CST)

The Office (@ 8pm CST)

Whitney (@ 8:30pm CST)

Prime Suspect (@ 9pm CST)








Friday (Sept. 23rd )


A Gifted Man (@ 7pm CST)

CSI: NY (@ 8pm CST)

Blue Bloods (@ 9pm CST)

The CW:

Nikita (@ 7pm CST)

Supernatural (@ 8pm CST)


Kitchen Nightmares (@ 7pm CST)

Fringe (@ 8pm CST)


Dateline (@ 8pm CST)








Saturday (Sept. 24th)


Rules of Engagement (@ 7pm CST)

48 Hours of Mystery (@ 9pm CST)








Sunday (Sept. 25th)


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (@ 6pm CST)

Desperate Housewives (@ 8pm CST)

Pan Am (@ 9pm CST)


60 Minutes (@ 6pm CST)

The Amazing Race (@ 7pm CST)

The Good Wife (@ 8pm CST)

CSI: Miami (@ 9pm CST)


The Simpsons (@ 7pm CST)

The Cleveland Show (@ 7:30pm CST)

Family Guy (@ 8pm CST)

American Dad (@ 8:30pm CST)


Boardwalk Empire (@ 8pm CST)

Not sure what you want to watch? Check out our picks for what we can’t wait to see, what looks too horrible to watch and what will probably be cancelled by the time 2012 rolls around.

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