tvdm box office picks: opening sept. 23rd

Nicole’s Pick: Thunder Soul

Had my school’s marching band been even a fraction as cool as the Kashmere Stage Band, I probably would have rethought my decision to drop out my senior year. Yes, that makes me a quitter and I fully regret putting down my saxophone after seven years, but that is a different discussion for another time. Thunder Soul, a documentary produced and presented by Jamie Foxx, centers around a high school band that gained national acclaim for their legendary funk sound.

Thunder Soul provides the backstory on how in the early 70s, Conrad ‘Prof’ Johnson helped this band find their sound and turned them into an award-winning group. As we travel back in time to see who they were, the band reunites 35 years later to play a tribute concert for their bandleader. Not a few members, but the WHOLE band. A feat that many bands could never pull off, let alone a high school marching band.

When you think that at the time songs like Scorpio were recorded, this group was only in high school, you realize why this was a story worth telling. If you’re a former band geek, music fan or you enjoy a good documentary (surely, you fall into at least one of those categories), this is what you’ll head to the theaters to see this weekend.

Will’s Pick: Puncture

I joked in a previous post that Ryan Gosling was in every movie this summer but I forgot to mention the man that is featured in two films this coming weekend, Chris Evans. Although I am partial to the comedic stylings of Anna Faris for some reason – no judgement please – I will be putting What’s Your Number aside to see Puncture.

Puncture is a legal drama, based on a true story, centered around two young up and coming lawyers that take on a case against a health supply corporation. That’s the legal side. Mike Weiss (Evans), the lead lawyer, is a drug addict and is trying to fight his own personal battles along with trying to stay focused on helping his clients. That would be the drama. His partner Paul Danziger (co-director Mark Kassen) plays things “by the book”.

The case they take on is in defense of a nurse (Vinessa Shaw) who has become infected by a contaminated needle. The corporation they are up against hires their own defense and the upstart lawyers begin to find out that everything isn’t as cut and dry when it comes to the big leagues. In a case where they are clearly in over their heads they have to dig in and attempt to take down a juggernaut. I’m eager to see Evans play a role where he isn’t just relegated to being eye-candy or a witty action hero. I want to see if he has the good ole acting “chops” it takes to propel him to the upper echelon of Hollywood male actors and his role in Puncture sounds like the key to getting there.

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