always sunny recapping: the gang goes to the jersey shore

Will’s P.O.V.

When the cast of Always Sunny does the Jersey Shore you might not see the Affliction tees or the Snooki hair “hump”…but u may get to see a homoerotic homeless sex scene under the boardwalk. That’s a plus right? Dee and Dennis convince the gang to go to the Jersey Shore so they can show them how much pure fun they can have despite what they’ve seen on TV. Of course it wouldn’t be Sunny if everything didn’t go at all how they planned…

I was more than excited that, my current television icon, Charlie finally got his moment/night with the waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) who has been successfully demeaning and dodging him since season one. The night was magical! Playing with seaweed, “sea specimen” and broken glass is Charlie’s specialty, she didn’t stand a chance. What’s that? Did the fact that she was on Ecstasy play into that somehow? Well…maybe…but who cares about that?!

I love that Dee and Dennis can take time away from their day of permanently scarring events to chronicle a woman’s, apparently gritty, life. Last week was cocaine so why not up the ante to “angeldust”? It’s just the natural order of things. Add in a botched liquor store robbery, a dead doctor and a shall grave on the beach and the recipe is complete. Meanwhile, on the S.S. Guido, Mac and Frank realize that all the negative things they thought about the locals weren’t true. After losing their rum ham while lost at sea the boat pulls it up in a net and Mac gets to workout (steroid injection included) with their new found friends.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

The gang goes to Jersey Shore on Jerseday! How exciting! Surely hilarity will ensure…right? Maybe it should have, but what we got was a whole lot of ridiculousness and not a lot of actual humor. Dee had her braids and once I saw them, I KNEW that she would be mocked (I expected so much more form Dennis!) and that her hairstyle was oddly reminiscent of Monica from Friends. Charlie drank sunblock, while Frank and Mac drank the rum ham. Oh, and we were treated to a little bit of homeless man sex. Again, ridiculous, but not really all that funny.

The Jersey Shore was supposed to be a fun time for Dee and Dennis, but they ended up spending the day vomiting/bleeding on rides, doing angel dust and being accessories to armed robbery, kidnapping and murder. Charlie got to spend a magical ‘summer lovin’ experience with The Waitress, who was to hopped up on ecstasy to remember. Frank and Mac spend some QT lost at sea and were rescued by guidos who pumped them full of steroids and tanned their doughy bodies (that they fist pumped is a given).

I loved watching Dee and Dennis make up that story about the lovely crack ho’ while they were in the hospital and it may not have been particularly funny, but I like knowing other people do that too! It’s Always Sunny can’t always give me “The Nightman Cometh” style laughs, so I’ll just chalk this episode up as season filler, giggle at the parts worth giggling over and wait patiently for next week.



“Would you say we’re getting….hammered?” – Mac, so punny!

“We hung out with these Jersey dudes, they’re the shits” – Frank

“Are you drinking sunscreen?” – Mac
“No, it’s a decoy. We are drinking tequila out of sunscreen bottles,” – Dee
“Very strict open container laws here at the Jersey Shore. Cheers.” – Dennis

“HOLY S**t! Is that the ocean?” – Charlie
“Yeah buddy, that’s the ocean.” – Dennis
“What’s on the other side of it there?” – Charlie
“…Europe.” – Frank
“And how long would it take t-“ – Charlie
“Do NOT try and swim to Europe.” – Dennis

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  1. […] The return of the waitress. Although she didn’t interact with Charlie and seemed to forget that she’s been off the wagon since the gang went to the Jersey Shore. […]

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