glee recapping: i am unicorn

The Story

The episode starts with Brittany asking to run Kurt’s campaign to become Senior Class President. She thinks he is a special “unicorn” and has what it takes to lead. She goes all out with the unicorn idea and turns Kurt’s campaign into a celebration of his “magical” homosexuality. Kurt doesn’t like the bold movement and decides he wants a more classic appeal inspired by Judy Garland and the  “black glam of fur coat ads”…not gay at all.

Mr. Shuester informs Glee Club that he can’t direct the upcoming school play, West Side Story, because he has to focus on making the adjustments so they can win nationals. Coach Beiste, Ms. Pillsbury and Artie take up the reigns instead.  Shuester thinks some of the club members need dance lessons so he and Mike Chang start up “Booty Camp” – not at all sure what that title has to do with dancing – to help the rhythmically challenged (Finn, Puck, Kurt, Mercedes. Blaine volunteered) . I love the fact that the producers of the show are self-aware and can use it to carry the plot along. Besides, Finn needs help!

Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) is back as a part-time teacher for a second glee club at McKinley funded by Suger Motta’s father Al. She tells Shuester that she doesn’t wat to run away from her past anymore and she plans to be more involved in Rachel’s life as well as letting Puck and Quinn be more involved with their biological child, Beth, whom Shleby adopted. Puck gets Quinn to talk to Shelby about arranging to see Beth and Shelby tells her that she is willing to let them interact with their child but Quinn has to change the way she is carrying herself. I know caring and being emotional has never been a serious issue with Puck – the relationship with Lauren was a laughable affair in its entirety – but I believe that he actually wants to be in his child’s life.

Sue recruits Quinn to do a piece for her political campaign to show how “the arts” ruined her life and turned her into the “skank” she is. She agrees. When Quinn goes to confront Mr. Shuester, with Sue and Becky in tow, about how Glee club ruined her life he is livid. Telling her that the club that she kept trying to sabotage was there for her during the most difficult times of her life so far and she is foolish for thinking otherwise. Quinn is clearly surprised by Shuester’s reaction but we can tell she knows he was telling the truth.

Kurt tries to convince the directors of the school play that he is masculine enough to play the role of Tony in West Side Story with an awkward rendition of a scene from Romeo and Juliet with Rachel. The judges don’t buy it one bit. In fact, he gets laughed off the stage. Kurt goes to his father Burt for advice about the situation. Burt tells Kurt that he has to “write his own story” if being gay is stopping him from getting the roles he wants. It’s sweet to see that Burt is getting better at understanding his son and the situation he is in. Sometimes he seems like he knows more about being gay than his son does.

Back in Booty Camp – I just had to – Finn is hesitant when trying to keep up with a routine that Mike and Shuester perform. After a pep talk from Shuester, Finn tries it one more time and nails it. Hopefully he can retain his new found footwork and we won’t have to witness him blending in with the background when the intermediate choreography comes into play. Quinn, blond hair and all, comes back to Glee club and tells her main intent is just to, seemingly, conform to get custody of her child back.

Blaine closes the show with an amazing performance of Something’s Coming and the directors ask him to audition for the lead male role of Tony. A role he didn’t want to audition for because he knew Kurt wanted it.  The cliffhanger ending comes before Blaine can make that decision.

The Music

 I’m sensing a trend here: less music and more story. I think this is what Glee needed to ensure that they make it to a fourth and fifth season, smoothly. As of now, I do miss the huge musical numbers and Britney Spears-themed episodes of yesteryear, but if this means that the writers are keeping things fresh then I am all for it.

 Somewhere (There’s a Place for Us) – Rachel and Shelby (aka the bio-mom)

I used Poker Face as the standard for this duet. This time around, the duo had just a touch more heart and the performance was a substantially better. Rachel and Shelby have a really great chemistry and anything Streisand related is guaranteed to be a-may-zing when Rachel is involved. I especially like the diva-esque disappearing act with bio-mommy at the end. I don’t want any overkill, but I could go for another one of these before season’s end.

Solid A rating….I’ll admit, the A is mainly due to my joy for watching Shelby and Rachel together.

I’m the Greatest Star – Kurt

 I don’t love Kurt’s voice in large dosages so I cringed when the song started and I realized he wasn’t going to be joined by Blaine. However, the showmanship alone won me over. It was during his twirling of the knives (swords…whatever they were) that I realized Kurt’s performance is enhanced when he’s not being annoying like he was for the majority of last season.

Solid B rating….what a difference a season makes.

Something’s Coming – Blaine

Similar to Artie, Beiste and Emma I SWOONED watching this performance. I gave him the standing ovation that Artie could not and I think I fell a little more in love with him post-performance. He does every song so effortlessly and I think we all knew he would be Tony for all the reasons Kurt will not. He has the leading man charm that no one in the New Directions ever quite grasped.

Solid A+ rating….I love Blaine, period.


Dude you’re gay. And not like Rock Hudson gay. Really gay. You sing like Diana Ross and you dress like you own a magic chocolate factory.” -Burt Hummel (to Kurt)

It’s Rachel Berry. She’s got the eye of the tiger. Which I like. She’s Jewish, but I think that helps with the whole Puerto Rican thing.” -Coach Beiste

I wanted something toned down!” -Kurt (to Brittany about his campaign posters)
This is toned down. In the original one the unicorn was riding you.” -Santana

You look like a real housewife of Reno.” -Puck (to “Skank” Quinn)

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