the best of the best of the real world

The Real World was the world’s first look into reality television (and the discussion of how reality can be “constructed”) before it became so desperately over-produced. Jersey Shore may have raised the bar in awesome depravity, but it will first have to  credit its entire existence to the Real World.

There’s an archetype for each cast and it almost makes you feel like you know these people before the first episode ever airs. There’s the girl who comes with a boyfriend and leaves single, with a few new notches on her bedpost. And of course we’ll see the guy who always gets just a little too drunk and is guaranteed to ruin his housemates’ fun at least every other episode.

Each cast is hand-selected solely based on their entertainment value. We get to see people from different backgrounds, with varied sets of “core values”, clash and converse week after week.

Throughout the years there have been seasons that are forgettable (Hollywood) and those that EVERYONE remembers (Hawaii). As we prepare for another season of drunken fights, tears, hook-ups and drama, we decided to make a list of our favorite seasons and cast members of Real World History:

Top Eight Favorite Seasons

Top Eight Favorite Cast Members (in no particular order)


(I always wanted to be one of the select few that got a chance to make a complete idiot of myself for the whole world to see but I’ve taken solace in the fact that- who am I kidding?! MTV, CALL ME!!! –Will)

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