modern family recapping: phil on wire

Cam has decided to go on a juice fast. Detailing the phases he expects Cam to go through, Mitchell becomes doubtful and a little fearful and decides to join him in an act of solidarity. Loved the moment when Mitchell claimed he was doing it because he may have put on a few pounds and Cam replies, “Well I didn’t want to say anything.” Mitchell’s glare into the camera is hilarious! Anyway, Mitchell hopes that the fast would be easier on Cam if they were doing it together. Two gay men going without food, this is sure to bring us some laughs and the storyline definitely doesn’t fail.

In the Dunphy Household Phil, inspired by a movie about a young man following his dream of walking a tightrope, decides his dream is also to walk along a tightrope…who didn’t see that coming? He begins the quest to conquer and achieve his dream with Luke’s assistance. Claire on the other hand is trying to guide Alex and Haley to get along in their math class by claiming they’re acting like regular Dunphys not “Super Dunphy”. It’s clearly a flawless and brilliant plan….if Claire does say so herself. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a “Super Dunphy”? To some extent Claire’s plan works and they take the bait, but they struck a deal exchanging what each has to offer: answers to the homework and tests, for Haley, in exchange for a seat at the cool table, for Alex.

Over at the Pritchett Household, Jay has bought a new puppy, Stella (freaking adorable!), which spends the night in bed with Jay and Gloria. The puppy though cute and cuddly to Jay is an annoyance for Gloria who thinks Jay is coddling Stella. Which he is, I love my dogs as much (if not more) than the next person, but I don’t think I’d ever purchase doggie cupcakes for them. Gloria even finds Jay showering with the puppy.

In the end Mitchell and Cam attend a party at Mitchell’s boss’s house. Mitchell is worried about Cam being over-emotional and causing a scene at the party, since as he states earlier Cam has never made it this far into and diet and he has no idea what the subsequent phases will bring. This all culminates with Cam and Mitchell resisting the delicious appetizers and listening to a sad story about a seal that drowned after a grocery bag got wrapped around its fin and head. Mitchell, though trying to calm Cam, bursts into tears (in a major role reversal) at the end of the story. The two then run out onto the beach have a heart to heart and roll together in the waves (OBVI!). Instead of fasting, Mitchell becomes Cam’s new work out buddy (the x-rated biker shorts are back!).

Claire’s attempt to guide Haley and Alex blows up in her face as they get caught cheating and are sent to the principal office. Claire, showing behavior quite similar to Haley and Alex’s gets in the face of the school’s parking lot officer, which only gets her handcuffed to the car. She realizes that with her behavior she has no right to lecture the girls. Luke however has a stroke of genius and explains to Phil that the best way to attempt the tight rope walk is to raise the height. Luke is like the surprise element, always coming out of no where with his hilarity or shockingly deep insight. Claire, Hailey, and Alex arrive home to Phil tightrope walking, and in a role reversal, Phil outdoes Claire as an exemplary parents. Claire realizes she needs to walk the walk.

Gloria complains that the dog is always chewing her stuff but Jay refuses to hear it. He doesn’t blame the puppy for chewing but Gloria for leaving the shoes out. It becomes apparent rather quickly that Gloria, in her role reversal, is jealous of Jay’s affection for the puppy. Gloria, hoping to rid the house of the puppy, tries to tempt the dog into chewing Jay’s shoe. Manny and Jay walk in on Gloria with Jay’s shoe in her mouth, kneeling in front of the dog. Jay, to show his love for Gloria, no longer lets the dog sleep in their room, but he does get up as soon as the alarm rings to dote on his puppy.
Best Quotes of the Night:

Luke: “The other day Uncle Mitchell brought over a bag of junk food so he and Cam could do a Jew fast ”
Phil: “Juice fast?”
Luke: “….I’m pretty sure he said Jew.”

Phil: “I always saw myself as the guy dancing through the sky on a tiny rope.”

Gloria: “Wife, Mistress, Dog” (her hierarchy for a husband’s devotion)

Phil (with the best closing line ever): “If I can do this….then I’ve got two ways of getting across my yard”

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