fringe recapping: one night in october

In the second episode of Fringe’s second season a serial killer is on the loose in the alternate universe. That no that all the victims have holes in their head and appear to have been frozen from the inside out.  In Olivia’s universe the same man is  Professor John McClennan (John Pyper-Ferguson) . He specializes in forensic sciences and has written several books on serial killers. The Fringe Division in the alternate universe ask Olivia to help them convince the professor to help profile the serial killer in the alternate universe without letting him know about the alternate universe or alternate him…minor details really. He agrees and Olivia tells him he needs to take a sedative to make the trip because it will be much easier that way.

Back in the Walter’s lab he is clearly trying to block out all ways out seeing and hearing the “strange man” (Peter) that is haunting him. He covers all the computer screens with sheets and sits directly in front of a large wall of speakers as music plays. Olivia and Astrid just chalk it up as Walter being Walter so not much attention is paid to it.

When Olivia and Professor McClennan arrive in the alternate universe he is still unconscious from the sedative which gives Faux-livia time to dress as Olivia and even put highlights in her hair to help the disguise. Faux-livia then gives the professor a tour of the serial killer’s house so he can help profile the suspect. The most important thing he realizes is that the killer feels like he missed out on childhood as is trying to make up for it. He finds several things in the killer’s house that remind him of things he use to have growing up. Then he comes across a wall covered with pictures of people, and amongst them he finds a picture of his father. This sends the professor into a confused panic and he wants to  know why this is happening. He runs out of the house and sees one of the amber quarantines and asks where he is.

Alternate Lincoln, Olivia and Faux-livia

Both “Livias” tell him all about the alternate universe and his alternate self. Olivia speaks privately with him inside and tells him that some decisions were made that changed his path in life.  He tells how something use to be “wrong” with him when he was a child and that his father use to try to beat it out of him. But a woman named Marjorie “did with love what his father tried to do with brutality”. John wants to meet with his alternate and tell him that he can get through his issues. But Olivia warns him that he must not meet his alternate. After both Livias leave the house to discuss the next step for the investigation John escapes through a bathroom window.

John finds his alternate’s lab and confronts him as he is about to steal the memories of another victim. John tells him that about his childhood and everything matches up until he tells him about “one night in October” when he was at a fair. John says that his father found the “dead things” and came to beat him while playing on the Ring Toss. Alternate John says his father caught him and beat him “for three days straight” whereas John says he ran as far away as he could and woke up in a field. At that point he met Margerie and she helped him with his problems.

Faux-livia and Professor John McClennan

Alternate John is upset that he didn’t have those memories of Marjorie so he attacks John and knocks him out to hook him up to his machine in an attempt steal the memories he missed out on.  Alternate John is successful in stealing John’s memories before the Fringe Division finds him. Olivia confronts him and Alternate John shoots himself before he is apprehended.  Back in the original universe Professor McClennan is in the hospital recovering from being hooked up to Alternate John’s memory stealing machine. Agent Broyles tells Oliva that he has no recollection of the last two weeks or of Margerie because those memories were stolen from him. Broyles said that he will have to be closely watched now because they don’t know if he will suffer the same fate as Alternate John. Olivia speaks with him and he says that even though things are dark you can still make light from it. Olivia says that even though he doesn’t remember Marjorie he remembers what she taught him.

Back in Walter’s lab he is again trying to go to sleep until he hears Peter’s voice pleading for help. No matter what he does to drown out the noise Peter’s voice gets louder as the episode ends.

Things I Noticed

  • Alternate Agent Broyles is alive again since he didn’t die due to Peter’s new non-existence…that should makes sense
  • Astrid asks Olivia why she doesn’t date Lincoln and she says “Maybe her ‘type’ doesn’t exist”
  • Anna Torv is selling the subtle differences between Olivia and Faux-livia very well.
  • When is Peter coming back?!?!
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