boardwalk empire recapping: ourselves alone

Magaret is informed, by her housekeepers, that Nucky has been imprisoned for voting fraud. She seems to take things in stride and continues to carryout her daily routine. She does call Nucky’s suite to find out that he is about to get bailed out and that FBI agents are ransacking his office for information. She also has to make dinner preparations for one of Nucky’s guests.

Nucky finds himself sharing a prison cell with Chalky. Although I’m sure that was no coincidence. Nucky uses this time to ask that Chalky be patient through out the new shake-ups in Atlantic City. Chalky isn’t too thrilled about it naturally because he is the one that has to sit in a cell all day and deal with the constant attacks from the KKK. Nucky is free to go after his lawyer bails him out.

The Commodore is having a meeting with Nucky’s brother, Eli, and former business partners. The Commodore is making sure his plans on taking control of Atlantic City are clear and that the men in attendance know their roles. After the meeting, all of the members in attendance agree to follow the new regime with the exception of Damian. Jimmy is away in New York with a business proposal for Arnold Rothstein. Jimmy tells Rothstein that if he wants to get liquor for better prices with less hassle that he should do business together. The cautious Rothstein declines the offer but his assistant “Lucky” Luciano asks Jimmy to come meet him later. Although Lucky and Jimmy don’t have the best personal relationship, seeing as though Lucky is having sex with Jimmy’s mother, he agrees. At the meeting Lucky introduces Jimmy to his partner Meyer Lansky. They tell Jimmy that if he is willing to buy heroin from them then they would be willing to go into business with him and his new liquor ring.

Margeret shows up at Nucky’s suite pretending to be a pregnant woman in need of Nucky’s help. The agents fall for it and allow her access to the suite’s washroom for precautionary reasons. Later we find out that she manages to get Nucky’s ledger with all his illegal transactions and $20,000 “give or take”. I wasn’t expecting Margeret to be on board with Nucky’s operations but she seems to have chosen her side and is willing to show her support.

Meyer Lansky

As Nucky gets back into his suite, after the FBI has taken all they need, Damain comes to tell Nucky about the Commodore’s plan…until Eli calls. As Eli begins to indirectly tell Nucky that he is no longer supporting his “big brother” Nucky interrupts him and tells Eli that if he wants to get out of the situation to just say it and he will make things better. Eli never does. The Commodore introduces Eli to “the men that built (Atlantic) city” afterwards, members of the Ku Klux Klan.

We are introduced to Owen Slater, an assistant to John McGarrigle. An Irishman whom I assume we will be seeing more of in the season. His boss tells Nucky that Slater will be staying stateside when he goes back to Ireland. I’m not sure what to think of his character yet but he seems to have some connection with Margeret beyond just both being Irish. As the episode comes to an end and Margeret suggest that Nucky burn his ledger and to make a mental note of all his future transactions I can assume that she will have more influence over Nucky’s business decisions as opposed to just being the uninformed housewife.

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