desperate housewives recapping: making the connection

History truly does have a way of repeating itself. When Mary Alice referenced this, she was making the connection between herself and Bree. I was more focused on how familiar the feeling of raised expectations followed by huge letdowns Desperate Housewives has offered throughout the years. With this in mind, I’m not allowing any major plot revelations that may have occurred in this episode to cause me excitement…just yet.


Our favorite redhead is still jumpy around her cop beau. With her letter in hand, she visits Paul Young in jail and alludes to the secret she’s hiding. We didn’t really receive any clues on who sent the letter until the very end, which we’ll discuss shortly. Overall, this episode reminded me of the tense Bree of seasons past.


38 days without sex turns Gabby into the insensitive, narcissistic season one Gabby. Clearly Carlos is having problems in bed because he MURDERED SOMEONE. And obviously, the very forced and very awkward stripper scene wasn’t going to make her husband just forget everything and ravish her. If only she’d realized that before initiating a very uncomfortable DH scene where the ladies sat around the poker table and had a sex talk that lacked all the steaminess the show used to have tenfold.


Silly petty crimes? Aren’t we past this? Haven’t we decided to give Susan some depth? No…fine. Pretending Susan isn’t the most annoying character on the show, I feel bad for her. She didn’t ask to be put in this situation and she doesn’t really have anyone to share her remorse with…except, as we learn by episode’s end, she does.


When couple’s split, whether amicably or with someone’s heart being ripped out and left to die on the side of the road, all of the little stuff comes up. We knew Tom had a ton of things he’s probably always wanted to say to his generally over-bearing wife, but it wasn’t all that thrilling seeing him embrace the coldness mastered by exes. Aside from the gimmicky keg stand, the only thing revealed in this episode was that the two are capable of having heart-to-hearts without the snark.

Renee’s story is another DH throwback, as this whole desperately trying to snare Ben plot is something Edie would have done. I really need them to utilize her before the season’s end and not just because I miss the pizazz of Vanessa Williams’ Wilhelmina Slater.

So the major shockers of this episode: Chuck (Bree’s new beau) may have something to do with her letter and Carlos and Susan may have a connection of the adulterous variety. I know both of these are too good to be true, but I have my fingers crossed that the Carlos/Susan story happens. I don’t want DH for the morals and this would be something unexplored, which is something this final season desperately needs. Minor shock: Ben may or may not be a good or bad guy…notice the ambiguity? With this show he could be both, neither or some weird mix of the two.

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