how to make it in america recapping: i’m good

How to Make It In America is the show I watch for equal parts entertainment and inspiration. I don’t have a desire to start a clothing line, but similar to many twentysomethings, I imagine building a life that’s heavy on the “following my dreams” component and doesn’t include a 9-5.

If you’re looking for an Entourage substitute, this show’s second season premiere probably gave you enough in terms of drinking with hot girls on foreign territory and kicking it at all-nighter parties. After a full first season of false starts, Ben and Cam finally brought Crisp to life. Do they have competition from former druggies with “edge”? Yep. Is their investor David still trying way too hard? You bet. But this time around, they have something tangible to fight for. Rene is still in charge of Rasta Monsta, but with Debbie dominating his attention, he’s not as focused on making his cousin’s life a living hell.

Cam seems a little more grounded this time and Ben, in search of something to make the label more hardcore, is the wild card now. In case we needed proof, he had “rough sex” with Julie and smoked some clearly laced druggery. All of this resulted in the two Crisp creators missing their pop-up shop evening. Domingo and David did a great job of running the event, which I’m hoping is an indication of seeing both more this season.

This episode was more like catching-up with a friend you’re not all that close with. Sure, you care about what’s going on in their lives, but you don’t know them well enough to decipher what’s relevant and what is just convo filler. All in all, we have a decent starting point for the 8-episode season.

Quote of the Night:

One of you needs to get shot. OK you could go with the classic, hookers and blow.” – David

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