revenge recapping: betrayal

Power Struggle

It’s nice to know that Emily is actually human. A lot of the time when she’s being charming, lovely, innocent, fake Emily, she’s much more likable than when she’s scornful bitter Emily (not saying that she doesn’t have a right to be so). This is something the writer’s may have to rectify at some point. But anyway, the episode opens with a dream, well maybe a nightmare is more like it, Emily is found out by Queen Victoria and the FBI swoops in. I’ll overlook the fact that there is no reason for the FBI to be swooping in just because Q.V. now knows that Emily is actually Amanda. Still, its a vulnerable moment for Emily, that is until she whips out a gun at the sound of something on her porch, which turns outs to be Sammy the adorable stalker golden retriever.

Random question: How come every time Q.V. is on the phone she is creepily watching Emily?…..

Emily, returning Sammy back to Jack and Declan, finds out that the Porter boys’ dad has passed away, very sad. Well for Jack and Declan, but it doesn’t really effect the show much so carry on. Declan is mad about the last thing he ever said to his father (he called him a loser), so naturally he takes his anger out on his father. He broods through the wake, during which Nolan shows up and buys a couple rounds for the bar. They refuses to join Jack in spreading his dad’s ashes out at seas. Your big bro is right Declan, you’re going to regret that.

Victoria and David

Senator Kingsley is Emily’s next victim. He was the prosecutor in the case against her father and apparently he moved forward with the case even after learning that Q.V. had evidence that would exonerate David. Yeah, so I’m a little confused….which I suppose is only natural since we’re learning things on an as-needed basis…..but wasn’t Q.V. the one who turned David in, with all the evidence that was rigged to convict him? Did she have second thoughts because she really did love him (which we find more about in a flashback)? Or was it Mr. Grayson who had a heavier hand in David’s conviction? IDK, I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Emily and Daniel’s relationship is continuing steadily and Emily’s plot with Daniel thickens (though it’s unclear where she is headed) when they go to lunch and one of the waiters at the restaurant is clearly upset with Daniel, and probably not over a lousy tip, since he bashes Daniel’s windshield in. Daniel reveals he got into a drunken car accident with the waiter’s sister, broke her spine (though she wasn’t paralyzed). He never apologized but his parents did give her a hefty pile of cash. Emily prompts Daniel to apologize, claiming he’ll feel better about it. Q.V. catches word because, like any normal parent, she is having her son followed. She reprimands him but Daniel thanks Emily and, quite out of no where, pledges to always be honest with her. I hope the guilt that dripped from Emily’s face didn’t stain her shoes.

Side note: Daniel’s roommate is a Tool. Ashley steer clear.

Declan seeking revenge on Adam, Charlotte’s tool of a boyfriend (what is it with the super wealthy and being d-bags?), gets help from Nolan who hacks Adam’s webcam. Sure enough the tool cheats on Charlotte. But Declan, being the smartie pants that he is, doesn’t send Charlotte that video. Instead he sends her a video of his head obstructing the view of a sunset, but it was a nice gesture. And sure enough, I bet when the cheating video gets out, Charlotte will run into Declan’s sunset soaked arms.

Emily’s plan for Senator Kingsley apparently started way back when she bought the building that his mistress lived in, giving her access to video footage of him entering the building, traveling up to a certain floor and kissing a woman hello, and getting busy with his mistress who got pregnant and was supposed to abort the baby. But when she shows up at the party, which I presume Emily invited her to, she is still with child. The senator announces that he will not be running for reelection and Emily reveals (to us, not the senator) that the videos will be given to the media regardless. His life will be officially destroyed.

Then, in an odd scene that embodies the Q.V. Emily power struggle perfectly, Emily tells Mrs. Grayson good night, then asks if she would mind being called Victoria. Q.V. looks like she would mind a great deal, but concedes that it would be alright. Q.V. knows there is something fishy about Emily, and there is, but she’s 3 for 3 with no one even catching on….I think it’ll take a little longer for Q.V. to discover her dirty little secret.

Best Foreboding quote of this episode:

Nolan: You scare me.
Emily: Good.

I suspect that although Nolan has been a good ally thus far, these two may eventually butt heads.

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