community recapping: competitive ecology

Will’s P.O.V.

Chang is determined to become a detective of the security guards by day’s end and he begins to make a case to solve to prove himself. Living in a utility closet, “married” to a mannequin leg, and not understanding how mirrors and reflections work are concerns that should be higher on his list. Somehow during his “investigation” he manages to buy thousands of matches, burn down his living quarters, steal a saxophone and figure out that Larry Bird was behind his imaginary scheme. But with Dean Pelton not wanting to get the police involved when the fire breaks out, Chang gets the promotion he wanted when his boss quits. If there were any questions about the lengths Chang will go to to solidify his status as a total spaz I’m pretty sure this episode puts that to rest.

Professor Kane tells the study group that they have to split up and partner with “randoms” for the rest of the semester. Of course, they manage to talk their way out of it and partner up amongst themselves – with the exception of Pierce who gets partner with Todd. After the initial pairings (Troy/Abed, Annie/Jeff, Shirley/Britta), everyone realizes they would rather be paired with someone else. They have a vote and still no partners are decided…and they spent the WHOLE NIGHT at Greendale trying to figure it out. So they head straight to class unprepared, except Annie who somehow managed to do her work during the meeting while everyone was arguing – she’s good. Professor Kane decides that they will be group together all year and they will share one table, microscope, and final grade.

I can sense that the recurring theme of this season of Community is going to focus on how much the group is attached to one another and just the group as a whole. It has been the main theme every episode since the season began and I hope they veer from this path soon because it may get redundant soon.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

Chang living at the school is sad. Chang loving a mannequin leg is sadder, but he fact that he’s mentally living out a film noir was the saddest part of all. Outside of Chang’s mini-story, most of the laughs from this episode came from “unknowns” (aka people not in the notorious study group).

Sure Jeff imitating Abed’s oddities was funny, but the whole popular/unpopular pairing thing just fell flat for me. But that’s the hard part about understanding the smart writing behind Community sometimes. I’m not sure if what was supposed to be funny just wasn’t or if they made group have an already overdone argument about their dynamics to illuminate other characters.

Regardless, Michael K. Williams’ Professor Kane was my favorite this week. Who else was going to ask the hard-hitting questions about the long gone simplicity of Legos?! And poor Todd, he originally took all of that insanity in stride and took “no offense” to practically every rude comment they directly or indirectly shot his way. I hope the single tear drop wasn’t the last we see of him.


“Did you know that sugar is like baby meth? That’s what my homeopath said.” – Britta
“Well maybe your gay friend should mind his own business?” – Shirley

“Why don’t they just make tires out of pavements so you can drive on anything?” – Chang

“You’re just a good grade in a tight sweater.” – Jeff
“You’re just a bad grade in a tight sweater! And who the hell are you always texting?! Everyone you know is here!” – Annie

“We had a name for people like you in prison; we called you the ‘mean clique’.” –Professor Kane

“There’s Ben dressed like a Dracula.” – Shirley

(Awww from the group)
“Here’s me and Abed dressed as Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy.” – Troy
(Awww from the group)
“Who’s Nick Nolte?”
– Annie
(Awww from the group)

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