fringe recapping: alone in the world

Walter has begun seeing a therapist regularly to keep tabs on his mental state. Walter doesn’t completely tell his therapist about the voices he’s been hearing or the man that is haunting him. Olivia awkwardly lets Agent Lee know that if he “gets creeped out” she is there for him to talk. He says that he is completely fine and he has no issues with the Fringe Division.

Then we see a young boy being chased by two other boys. The fleeing boy runs into a tunnel to get away from the other two boys but they trap him in the tunnel. As one of the bullies is about to punch the boy his friend complains that something is touching his leg and he can’t move. The same thing begins to happen to bully that was about to hit the boy. The boy looks at what is happening in shock, nothing happens to him though, and he flees.

The Fringe Division gets the case and Walter is performing his signature autopsy on one of the bodies. Broyles comes in to check on Walter as he begins to hear Peter’s voice in his head. Broyles is confused by what he is witnessing as Walter tries to drown out the voice by speaking louder. He says he needs the other boy’s body to compare to the one he has ultimately.

Lee and Dunham track down the boy at his school. His name is Aaron. He is sitting at a table by himself drawing pictures when Olivia approaches him. They take him back to Walter’s lab and Olivia tells the boy that she likes to draw too but Aaron isn’t really the talkative type. She tells him that Walter is going to run some tests on him. Aaron seems to be fine after testing but when the Fringe Division begins investigating the site where the two boys were killed things change. Whatever they do to the organism that is growing in the tunnel happens to Aaron.

Long story short; the organism is attached to Aaron because he has been to the tunnel more than he has led on. Walter is disappointed in Aaron that he hadn’t told him the truth initially. But in order to kill the organism they have to find a way to destroy the link it has forged with Aaron.  Walter figures out that the bond is emotional and pleads with Aaron to let go of the organism by telling the Aaron that “he doesn’t want to lose him again.” Clearly confusing him for Peter. Aaron eventually listens and the organism is destroyed.

Walter and Aaron

When Walter is alone in his lab afterwards he tries to perform a gruesome surgery on himself until Olivia interrupts him. He tells her that he is going insane and he doesn’t want to go back to the asylum. He tells her about the voices and the mysterious man he has been seeing and she shows him a drawing of hers with the same face he has been seeing.. She says he has been seeing his face in her dreams for three weeks. Walter is then sure that he is not crazy because someone else is dealing with the same plight…maybe not to the same extent as he is though.


  • The acting on Fringe is definitely top-tier. John Noble and Anna Torv are completely committed to their characters and they sell it with all the mannerisms and intricacies.
  • I thought that the whole “Peter being in limbo” thing was going to get old and redundant this far into the season but the way it has been done has proved me wrong. Agent Lee isn’t exactly filling Peter’s shoes but he character is solid enough to fill in for now.
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Faux-livia more…she’s hot!


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