community recapping: remedial chaos theory

Best.Episode.of.the.Season. Any evening centered on Troy and Abed in adorable suits at their apartment is a win in my book, but when you throw in alternate timelines it makes for a genuine laugh-out-loud episode.

Annie getting the pizza: relatively boring, but we learn that she carries around a gun.

Shirley getting the pizza: also boring, but we learn Shirley is addicted to baking and we’re introduced to the (awesome) Norwegian troll doll.

Pierce getting the pizza: ok…now things are getting interesting. Britta’s toking it up in the bathroom and has a little flirt session with Troy while Jeff and Annie do some flirting of their own after Jeff’s head hits the fan.

Britta getting the pizza: a mash-up of Pierce and Shirley’s versions, except Britta becomes engaged to the pizza guy.

Troy getting the pizza: hands down the best version. The Raiders of the Lost Ark boulder is knocked over. Annie slips and her gun accidentally goes off, shooting Pierce in the leg. Fire starts and Troy returns, screaming once he sees the troll doll looking at him with its creepy little eyes.

Abed getting the pizza: all logic leaves. Britta gets high and accidentally breaks the “don’t eat Shirley’s pie” rule, Troy and Pierce talk it out, which makes Pierce change his mind about the troll doll (“I demand to be housewarmed!”). Jeff and Annie make out…until she tells him he reminds her of her dad. Fighting ensues. Oblivious to all of this, Abed returns and hopes that his version is the “real one”.

Jeff getting the pizza: classic Community version. Abed figures out that Jeff set it up so he never had to get the pizza. More sappy group talk. Jeff returns to the study group dancing and singing and building rainbows. Fun.

Will’s P.O.V.

Best. Eppy. Of. The. SERIES!!! I can’t disagree with anything Nicole just wrote. I just can’t. But I did prefer Jeff’s trip to the pizza more so than Troy’s. Don’t get me wrong, Troy’s was devastatingly perfect and all but whenever I can get a chance to belt out the high-pitched perfection that is “Roxanne” – reliving my Rock Band glory days – just count me in. I know it goes against my, passive-aggressive, disdain for the group being so darn cute together and all but that looked like a party I would be more than eager (yes, eager) to attend.

We don’t know which parts of the story will carry out over the rest of the season, so I’m going to go over my favorite things/moments/jokes…in order of occurrence:

  • Ketchup and cream cheese pizza makes the usually docile Abed extremely irritated, duly noted.
  • Creating a fake invite to another party on the same evening of your party is a GENIUS way to keep your guests’ schedules open.
  • Yahtzee = Puerto Rican chess
  • Troy “smokes” candy cigarettes
  • The Britta/Troy combo > The Annie/Jeff combo….but both pale in comparison to Troy/Abed
  • Troy had the worst (BEST) “reality” and his dance moves remind me of Bill Cosby.
  • Donald Glover makes the larynx voice box funny…surely not the message wants getting out!
  • Abed’s felt goatee is a necessary evil.


“Dr. Shirley says Mini-Pies are the best medicine.” –Shirley
“Then I would like to see your degree.” –Jeff

“(Jeff) is butting antlers with you know because you’re a threat now. You have your own place. You’ve got a future. You’ve got a bowl full of olives next to the toilet.” –Britta
“It’s a fancy party Britta.” –Troy

“I was not supposed to eat your stuff, we all made an agreement. Crap! I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud. Crap! Ok. Cards on the table; I’m REALLY high right now.” –Britta (to Shirley)

“Give it Pierce! It feels fun!” –Troy
“You are bad at gift-giving!” –Troy again
“I demand to be housewarmed!” –Troy trifecta!

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2 thoughts on “community recapping: remedial chaos theory

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