parks and recreation recapping: pawnee rangers

Parks and Recreation has a superior ensemble cast, which was illustrated in last night’s episode. Do the writer’s rely on having April and Andy play off each other, or Ron and Leslie go head-to-head? No, they create new and interesting combos (Chris and Jerry) and offer up different dynamics for old favorites (Donna and Tom). More melodic singing from Aziz Ansari and a special visit from “Batman”…what other show could have pulled that off?


Twenty Questions* About ‘Pawnee Rangers’:

  • Andy is doofy but without him, who would think up such gems as “Brother Nature”?
  • Would Boy Scouts be cooler if Ron Swanson was running the whole organization?
  • And with that in mind: are Pawnee Goddesses better than Girl Scouts?
  • Does anyone else desperately want to see a video of Ron’s weddings and/or bachelor parties?
  • Ben watches Game of Thrones…shocked?
  • Are canvas sheets really that versatile?
  • Donatella and T-Mobile are the best nicknames ever.
  • Can we make “Treat Your Self 2011” a real thing? If so, what would be your “treat”?
  • Would Leslie Knope really incorporate Miley Cyrus into anything? Ever?
  • Who Google’d rat tumors? (Slowly raises hand)
  • How many of those badges did Leslie earn and how many did she give herself?
  • Jerry has a large penis AND a gorgeous daughter.
  • Wasn’t it nice to see Chris blow off Jerry, which makes him a little less perfect and a tad douchey?
  • What’s dorkier: collecting stamps or antique coins?
  • Tom’s cashmere velvet candy cane ensemble….hit or miss?
  • Was the hug between Jerry and Chris the first time we’ve seen him receive affection, ever?
  • After seeing him in costume, should Christopher Nolan have commissioned Adam Scott for Dark Knight?
  • Is ‘chickenettes’ something ladies would enjoy being called? (I’m completely for it btw)
  • What was Millicent and Chris’ date like…and why couldn’t we see it?
  • Who else forgot that Ben, April and Andy are roomies?

*Two are statements…obviously.

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