revenge recapping: duplicity

Is there always a fancy tea or party or outing in the land of the inordinately wealthy? Apparently so. This week it’s a mother daughter tea party benefit.


Emily’s next victim appears to be a therapist who lied to child Emily (aka Amanda) and tried to convince her that her father was not who he said he was. And all along he was pretending about who he was, until he was exposed. Young Amanda, who scares me just as much as adult Amanda (aka Emily), doesn’t believe a word of it, though we have to assume eventually she does given the state she walked out of that institution in. While at her therapy session, Emily’s eyes are narrowed as she glares at a camera that records her session and the session’s of the therapists other patients. That look can only mean one thing, Emily’s plan will involve those recordings.

Jack and Declan Porter are trying to find out how much money all their father’s assets will give them. Declan seems keen on the idea of taking his portion and setting himself up nicely with it. Jack though seems hesitant to sell the bar so quickly.

Tyler and Daniel

Tyler whispering sweet nothings in Daniel's ear.

Tyler, Daniel’s Harvard Roommate and just as much of a douche as I expected him to be, lies to Daniel about Emily canceling because he needs a wing man or maybe he’s in love with Daniel and needs him drunk to take advantage. Meanwhile he’s wooing Ashley who apparently can’t see through his douche-i-ness to the jerk within. When Daniel doesn’t show up for the date that Emily didn’t actually cancel, Emily waits around until Jack Porter knocks on the door. Daniel sees their dinner, which looks intimate, since it was the one he was supposed to share with Emily, and is angry. Tyler, takes advantage of Daniel’s hurt feelings and pulls him into a drunken rampage.

Charlotte and Queen Victoria

At the lovely mother daughter tea, that Queen Victoria had to badger Charlotte into going to, a DVD, which was supposed to make everyone cry, is shown to the group. In a not all that shocking move, the DVD exposed the private sessions of several ladies at the tea with the therapist, including Emily’s (smooth move). Queen Victoria’s session exposes a moment where she discusses regretting the birth of her daughter. Q.V. then publicly threatens the therapist, exclaiming “I will destroy you….”. It didn’t sound very threatening considering she sounded like a hysterical woman, but I’m sure she’ll make good on it.

Q.V. is panicked over the exposure of those session tapes and sends her security guy to fetch them. He is unsuccessful because the therapist had already been kidnapped, by Guess Who!? Though the local police think Q.V. is behind it, her security guy promises he can vouch for her. Then they share a tender moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up having an affair…if they haven’t already.

Daniel Flirting

Nolan discovers a drunk Daniel flirting with some random chick at Jack’s bar and sends a video message to Emily, who was watching her kidnap victim, bang on the captivity walls, like little Amanda used to do. Emily responds to the message by going to Jack’s bar. I’m not sure whether she meant to hunt Daniel down, or if she just wanted a chance to see Jack Porter because Daniel had gone by the time she left, she didn’t seem to care, and she didn’t stay for a drink.

Charlotte, with her feelings hurt, runs straight to Declan who cheers her up. The romance between these two is definitely starting to brew. Declan, the good boy that he is, encourages Charlotte to return home, which she does after she makes a move and…..holds his hand…(wan wan)…very weak and seriously disappointing.

So this wooden box is in every episode and I can’t help but wonder where Emily hides it. I mean it pretty much could tell anyone everything they would want to know about Emily/Amanda and all the strange things that have been happening. And she takes it out to constantly survey the tokens, evidence, and skills within. I think its inevitable that at some point the box will be found and probably by Q.V.’s security detail, since she’s not actually bad ass enough to handle anything by herself.

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