homeland recapping: clean skin


We start with Lynne Redd and Prince Farid…uh…finishing up? After that he leaves the room to meet with someone. This gives Lynne enough time to download information from his cell phone to a special flash drive. She nearly gets caught doing so. Prince Farid  gives her a beautiful – and clearly baller (sorry for that) – necklace.

Carrie informs Estes and other members of the unit of Lynne’s success during a briefing. As Carrie is trying to connect Farid to Abu Nazir she is questioned by her mentor Saul. It is rather obvious that she is still reaching for a connection that isn’t so clear. She confronts Saul about his questioning method after the briefing. He says that he would have asked any other person the same questions.

Dana and friends

Carrie meets up with Lynne in a locker room to get the data from his phone. Carrie wants insight on Farid’s behavior from Lynne. Lynne says that the Prince is just “having fun” and she doesn’t think he is involved with anything dangerous. There is no clear evidence of any terrorist plot on Farid’s phone. Carries talks with Saul again and he tells her that he is mad that she lied to him.

Carrie is at her home expressing her frustrations to Virgil about not finding anything solid against Farid or Sgt. Brody when Lynne calls from a nightclub restroom. Lynne is scared because Farid’s assistant told her that Farid wants her to make a new business associate “feel welcome” and this is unusual for the Prince. Carrie lies and says that her “protection” is watching her. Carrie and Virgil rush to Lynne’s aid. Meanwhile at the club, Lynne is in the alley with a limo driver who is to take her to the Prince’s business partner. They exchange small-talk then he shoots her twice in the torso. He takes the necklace Farid gave her earlier, gets in the limousine, and drives away. Carrie and Virgil arrive on the scene soon thereafter but Lynne is already dead.

The next day, at CIA HQ, Carrie tells Estes that she wants to speak with Farid since the police took him in for questioning. He shows her tape of the police interrogation of him. Farid seems to be genuinely upset and shaken by Lynne’s death. Estes tells Carrie that they no longer have custody of him because they didn’t feel like it was worth the harassment. Carrie goes to the morgue to see Lynne and Lynne’s parents are there.

Afterwards she goes to Saul to vent. She feels like she let Lynne down and she is the reason she is dead. She still hasn’t found any evidence of a money transfer from Farid. Saul asks her if she is sure Farid is involved with Nazir. Saul says that jewelry is “the easiest way to move wealth” in “nomadic culture(s).”

We are then shown Farid’s assistant getting Lynne’s necklace appraised and bargaining for a price. The two men settle on $400K. Carrie asks Saul where he thinks the money goes. We are then showed two unknown characters buying a house near an airport.

Brody Household

  • Sgt. Brody and his family are prepping for an televised interview.
  • Dana wants to tell the media that everything isn’t as perfect as it seems within the Brody household.
  • Dana tells her mother that she knows about her having sex with Mike. She says that she is going to tell her father.
  • Nick seems to bond with Dana instantly when everyone else has been having trouble doing so. He asks that Dana cut her mom some slack.
  • Sgt. Brody tells Dana that “telling the truth but not telling a lie” is the best solution to some problems.
  • During the live interview, when Sgt. Brody is asked how has the reunion been Dana says “Everything has been great. Really really great.”
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