always sunny recapping: storm of the century

Will’s P.O.V.

Lusting after good ole fashioned big breasticled news reporters is a swell platform – pun intended –  for the opening scene of Sunny. I didn’t think it would go much further than that honestly, but Dennis is a man on a mission. Philadelphia is getting ready for “The storm of the century” and everyone is getting supplies to prepare for the onslaught. Mac, Dennis, and Charlie head to the local supermarket to get food, girls, and batteries (respectively) while Dee and Frank stay back at Paddy’s to storm-proof.

Mac is pretty much a no-show during the entire middle of the episode, but Dennis and Charlie made me forget about that. From Dennis’ failed attempt to get some girls back to Paddy’s for his “Hurricane Party” to Charlie’s plan on accepted incestuous behavior to repopulate the planet Duke Nukem style the episode tickled me. Add in Dennis’ sighting of the aforementioned big breasted broadcaster, while Alone is ballading (<–present tense of ballad) the hell out of your eardrums, and I’m sold.

Meanwhile at Paddy’s, Frank and Dee are deciding what the difference between looting and surviving is. (My personal opinion, if you take anything from a store when there is no natural disaster then you are looting, I’m looking at you LA. But I digress.) I didn’t get much satisfaction from this pairing besides that and the fact that I love Dee so much more when she is especially spastic. They eventually find Cricket in their personal bunker and Frank shoots him. So they head to the supermarket (not the hospital) and Cricket drives the car through the entrance starting a riot.

Meanwhile Mac is at the bunker eating Ben & Jerry’s – I’d like to think it was Schweddy Balls flavored for the obvious comical reasons.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

Jackie Denardo’s (Jessica Collins, Tru Calling) boobs were reason enough to get a 3D television and care about the storm. I was nervous boobs would be the focus of the episode. I’m pro-boobage but I wanted a little bit more from the gang this week and they delivered…kind of. The episode wasn’t “fall out your seat and laugh ‘til you pee” funny, but it was far from a boring episode – mostly thanks to Charlie.

The gang is prepping for a Category 5 storm in the assbackwardsly way only they can. Dee is obsessing over a robopacalypse. Dennis is drawing up (semi-creepy) clauses and contracts to make sure they get “chicks and tits” back to the bunker. Charlie is on battery duty, but somehow he’s the only one to gather up a decent amount of supplies. Mac really only cares about getting the food. And Frank (accurately) thinks back on “that hurricane in New Orleans” and explains the difference between looting and surviving.

While Charlie and Dennis are imagining a big-breasted society they’ll repopulate after the storm, Cricket is back at the bar attempting to raid the bunker and is shot by Frank. When Dee and Frank drive Cricket to the hospital, they of course stop at the All American Home Center to make sure they don’t miss out on the supplies, leaving Cricket in the car…which he crashes….inciting a mini-riot….that triggers the looting/surviving. So we end the night with no storm and a jolly Mac with his 3D TV, food and an empty bunker all to himself.


The Breast make you care about the weather in a really good way.” –Charlie

We gotta stop pussy-dickin’ around here.” – Dee

Mayans. Mexicans. What’s the difference?” – Charlie

Storm coming. Hatchet coming.” – Charlie

How did you not know…that the reason I invited you back to my bar…was to bang you? GET OUTTA HERE!!!” -Dennis

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