revenge recapping: guilt

Emily and Lydia

I knew Lydia wasn’t gonna stay dormant for long. After blackmailing Conrad for that money and setting herself up nicely, I knew it was only a matter of time before she came back into the picture in a big way. And I was right. Queen Victoria finds out about Lydia’s blackmailing scheme and, naturally, is pissed. She wonders why Conrad didn’t tell her in the first place, but she already knew the answer to that, didn’t she?

Lydia then decides that she is going to take control of her life again. So she barges on over to Emily’s place, threatening to take the house back or else. Seems like a really dumb move to me. Forgetting the fact that Lydia doesn’t know just how dangerous Emily is, she has no allies. How does she expect anyone to take a threat she makes seriously without an army?

Emily and Daniel

Tyler is having a difficult time removing his mouth from Daniel’s parent’s asses (that’s how he gets his internship at Grayson’s Global and drags Daniel into it with him), but Tyler somehow manages and spills the beans about Daniel’s father’s affair, giving Daniel something to think about. Daniel finds his phone, which, if you remember, Tyler hid, and goes to talk to Emily. They make up and discover that Tyler did some scheming to keep them apart. Daniel confronts Tyler who swears he had Daniel’s best interest at heart. But I don’t buy it for a second. We’ll see how this unfolds.

Queen Victoria is trying to spend time with Charlotte to make up for what she heard and maybe to prove that is wasn’t true. Call me crazy, but I’m choosing to believe that this woman really does love her children. Charlotte, unlike me, is doing just the opposite. In an act of rebellion she commandeers the car that her father sent her mother as an apology and drives to Declan. When she returns her mother gives her the car, and guess what, money can’t buy Charlotte. She takes the car but doesn’t give her forgiveness.

Lydia and Queen Victoria

We learn that in the wake of the plane crash that Emily’s father was framed for, Q.V. felt so guilty that she started a charity to help the victim’s families and the families of the victims of terrorism all over the world. Every time someone mentions the charity, Q.V. squirms uncomfortably, guilt showing on her face. Though perhaps I can see it because I know, the people around her are most likely oblivious. Although maybe she was squirming because Lydia walked in on the ladies lunch and forced Q.V. to pretend nothing was wrong. Appearances matter waaayyyy too much to these people, but I guess it helps to move the plot, so I’ll have to accept it. When Emily mentions to Lydia that she sent some personal items over to Lydia’s place to placate her threats, Lydia reaffirms her threat to Emily.  I can’t help but notice how Q.V., who originally wanted to buy the house, is adamant that Emily not let it go, she forbids it in fact. Man she’s controlling.

Lucky for Lydia, she gets a lead. She finds Emily, with black hair, in the background of a picture of her and Q.V. waitressing. Lydia immediately begins to dig. Lydia’s discovery leads her to track down the catering companies from that New Year’s Eve party, Nolan after bugging Emily’s apartment with a camera hidden in a seal that ends up at Lydia’s house, catches on and warns Emily. Emily enlists his help, she wants him to get rid of the evidence. Problem is its only hardcopy, which is being faxed over to Lydia. Under Emily’s orders Nolan heads down there to get the fax, but the Grayson’s security man is already there, discovering all the planted facts that will lead him to believe Lydia was behind everything. He also discovers Lydia’s speech for the Grayson’s, which will expose them. QV makes a move and lies to Lydia claiming forgiveness, so Lydia won’t expose them in front of everyone. Lydia believes QV, foolishly. Afterwards though, QV lets her know that it was all a lie. Personally, I think it’s pretty outrageous for Lydia to think it’s possible for her and QV to be friends after what happened/continues to happen.

Declan and Charlotte

Charlotte and Declan get pulled over in Charlotte’s new car and end up getting arrested. I guess she was going pretty fast. Charlotte calls Daniel, who has been cut off from his father after revealing he doesn’t want to follow in his footsteps, and he and Emily go to pick up Charlotte at the station. Emily still doesn’t know whether Nolan has retrieved the fax. While they’re waiting for Charlotte and Declan to be released, Jack shows up. He looks a little surprised to see Emily with Daniel, but shakes it off. Emily looks like she didn’t want Jack to see this. Charlotte and Declan get released and Jack is worried about the cost. Daniel tells him not to worry about it. And when Jack says he owes him one, Daniel asks for a job.

Lydia returns to her apartment and find the Grayson’s security man waiting for her. There is a scuffle, that looks, at first, like it might be minor, until Frank starts choking Lydia. I realize she’s intent on destroying them, but really? Does he have to kill her? Apparently so, when she falls over the roof of her building Frank doesn’t even attempt to stop the fall.


Nolan gets into the apartment after Lydia has fallen and Frank has left. He hears sirens outside and goes up to the roof where he sees Lydia lying on a cab, dead. He quickly grabs the things he needs including the seal that had the hidden camera, and leaves. He calls Emily frantically but she doesn’t pick up, Daniel has taken her to bed and she can’t be disturbed right now.

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