boardwalk empire recapping: gershwin & bunkum

This episode gave me that “filler” vibe. Even though we got to see two scenes that would have made the cast of The Walking Dead cringe the episode was mostly talk with no huge plot advancements.

Jimmy’s Troubling Takeover

  • The “founders of Atlantic City” (aka the KKK) are upset that their liquor warehouse was blown up and they lost $70,ooo.
  • One member hit Jimmy with his cane, cutting him in the process, during the argument.
  • Gillian demands that Jimmy not back down to the KKK.
  • Ward Boss O’Neill visits Eli in his garage asking questions about the Commodore’s health. Eli hits O’Neill in the neck with a wrench then kills him.
  • Eli calls Deputy Halloran to help him load O’Neill in the car but he never tells him who he really killed. Eli buries O’Neill in a field.
  • Richard and Jimmy scalp the man that cut Jimmy with his cane earlier.

Nucky’s Empire

  • Eli visits Nucky to inform him that the Commodore has suffered a stoke and that he made a mistake by choosing Jimmy’s side.
  • Nucky doesn’t accept the apology and the two have a lively sibling brawl (choking and biting allowed)…until Margaret breaks it up.
  • The Attorney General has found a prosecutor for Nucky’s case. Nucky asks for a guarantee that he will be in the clear but he is never given one.
  • Also, Owen Slater is sleeping with the housemaid Katie but I’m not sure of his real intent just yet…I like the suspense!

Richard’s Clarity

  • Richard goes to the wooded area near Atlantic City to commit suicide but a stray dog takes his mask before he can.
  • Richard chases the dog but gives up until a man finds him and brings him back to his campsite.
  • The man tells Richard that “these woods are for living”. Which is eerie given Richard’s intent before the man found him.
  • After returning from the woods Richard heads to the Darmody house. Richard asks is Jimmy “would fight for (him)”, Jimmy says “until the last bullet”.
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2 thoughts on “boardwalk empire recapping: gershwin & bunkum

  1. k.fresh says:

    Filler? I think not. Best episode yet this season, chock full of crucial development.

    • will33t4food says:

      The only change in plot development is that the KKK probably hates Jimmy now. But we don’t even know that yet. Eli and Nucky are still against each other. And we still don’t know what’s to come of his federal charges. The Commodore is still a non-factor. We didn’t hear anything from New York or Philly or Chicago. Still didn’t learn anything new about Slater. Van Alden wasn’t there at all. And, most importantly, we didn’t even hear Doyle’s creeptastic laugh. Where is the justice in that?!

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