homeland recapping: semper i


  • Carrie starts the episode showing how “invested” she has become with Sgt. Brody.
  • Elisabeth Gaines, an advisor to the Vice President, visits Estes asking about Brody’s “psychological profile”.
  • Carrie and Saul inform Estes about the financial transaction that she believes was made with Lynne Reed’s necklace.
  • Carrie’s warrant for surveillance has expired and Saul commands that she follow orders.
  • while the Brody family is at church Carrie and her crew remove their microphones and cameras from the house. Carrie spends time looking for clues but finds nothing.
  • Estes asks Carrie’s new partner Danny to make sure she isn’t running her own operations on the side. Estes tells him he could get a promotion if he is successful.

  • We find that Estes had an affair with Carrie before she went to Baghdad.
  • Carrie and Danny think they have a suspect to link to the financial transaction in Raqim Faisel (Omid Abtahi). They trail him after work but his “wife” Stacy diverts him from stopping at “home” by signaling him with a flag.
  • Stacy tries to convince Raqim that he shouldn’t worry and continue to live life as usual so no one catches on to them.
  • Carrie and Danny didn’t find anything about Fariq so they move on other potential suspects.
  • Carrie tries to convinve Saul to keep her team (Virgil & Max) on Brody, bu on a lesser scale. He objects.
  • Carrie decides to stakeout Brody’s house. She follows him when he leaves.

Sgt. Brody (& family)

  • Brody is weary as to why his best friend Mike doesn’t want to come in his house lately. Mike doesn’t want to tell him about the relationship he had with Jessica but it seems as though Brody knows already.
  • Gaines introduces herself to Brody after church and asks to take him out to brunch next week. He agrees.
  • Jessica invites Mike over to a gathering they are having at the house. An attempt to deter Brody’s suspicions.

  • Mike brings a random to the gathering in an attempt to throw Brody off the scent a bit more. Brody can see Mike and Jessica interact from a window in the garage…where he is cleaning his gun. Mike goes towards the garage when two shots ring out. Brody shot a deer.
  • Jessica tells him they need to speak with a therapist or their marriage is over.
  • The next day Brody tells Jessica that he is going to a Veteran’s Support Group.

Carrie & Brody

Carrie pretends that she frequents the meetings that Brody is at. Brody recognizes her from the debriefing when he returned from the Middle East. Carrie leaves and Brody follows her to the parking lot. Carrie tells Brody that no one is supposed to know who she is at the meetings. Brody says he won’t go back if she doesn’t. He asks if “they can hold their own private meeting” in the parking lot and Carrie says “it’s tempting”. Carrie tells Brody she served in Baghdad. Brody asks “How come it’s so hard to talk about with people who weren’t there?” Carrie answers (with a question) “How come it’s so hard to talk with anyone who wasn’t there about anything at all?”. Carrie gets in her car when it begins to rain with a smile…


  • Is Carrie attracted to Brody or is she just trying to find another way to keep tabs on him?
  • Is Brody attracted to Carrie or does he have another agenda?
  • Is Danny going to side with Estes or tell Carrie of his plan?
  • What is on the agenda for Raqim and Stacy?



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