the walking dead recapping: bloodletting

The episode starts with a flashback of the day Rick was shot. Lori is talking with another parent about her and Rick’s relationship when Shane drives up to tell her the news.

We then go to Rick sprinting through a field carrying a bleeding and unconscious Carl. Shane an unknown male with a hunting rifle (presumably the man who shot Carl) are behind him. The man yells that Rick keep heading to the farmhouse in the distance and “Herschel” will help. When Rick gets to the house Herschel lays Carl down and begins to treat the bullet wound. Herschel asks what Carl’s blood type is and Rick tells him that it’s A+ just like his. Herschel says that Carl will need some of Rick’s blood to survive and that he not go anywhere. The bullet broke into six fragments and he needs to remove each of them. Rick begins to breakdown and is concerned that Lori doesn’t know what happened.

As the rest of the group head back to the highway Lori is unsure why there was just one gunshot. But Daryl convinces her that they probably just took down a walker. The group still has found no sign of Sophia but they head back to the highway because it will be dark soon.

Back at the highway Dale finds out that T-Dog is in desperate need of some antibiotics. Dale and T-Dog begin searching the vehicles again to make sure they haven’t overlooked anything that can help.

At the farmhouse Herschel begins taking the first fragment from Carl. Carl is writhing in pain but passes out after the fragment is removed. Rick also begins to give his blood. Rick talks to Shane about going to get Lori but Shane tells him that he or Lori wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if Carl were to die while neither of them were around. Shane also tells Rick about Lori’s strength when Rick was comatose in the hospital. Herschel says he needs to “open (Carl) up” and stitch up some vessels but for it to happen he needs several medical supplies. He says a nearby FEMA shelter should have the supplies he needs. Shane says he will go and Otis (the man who shot Carl) volunteers to go along. He was a volunteer EMT so he knows what to get. Herschel’s daughter asks Rick what his wife’s name is. After Otis says goodbye to his wife, he and Shane drive off for the FEMA shelter.

T-Dog explains to Dale why they are the most likely candidates to be turned on by the group. Since he is black and Dale is 64 years old. He suggests that they just leave before the group return. Dale checks T-Dog’s temperature and feels that he is suffering from a fever.

Andrea gets momentarily separated from the rest of the group in the woods and gets attacked by a zombie. Herschel’s daughter rides up (on horseback) and knocks the zombie off of Andrea. She asks for Lori and tells what happened to Carl. Daryl is hesitant to let Lori go but the woman knows about them and Rick so that’s enough for Lori to trust her. The woman tells the rest of the group where to find the farm when they are ready and heads back with Lori.

Herschel tells Rick that they hope to stay at the farm and ride out the epidemic until a cure is found. Rick tells him that he and his group were at the CDC and “there is no cure”. Herschel says that he doesn’t believe it. Herschel says that ‘mankind has been fighting plagues from the start…it’s nature correcting herself. Restoring some balance”. Afterwards, Herschel’s daughter returns with Lori. Lori gets in bed next to her unconscious son while clutching Rick tightly. Lori asks about the procedure Herschel is to perform on Carl. She asks if he is a real doctor and if he has done the procedure before. Herschel says he is a veterinarian and Lori begins to doubt his ability to perform the procedure.

At the highway the group is deciding who goes to the farmhouse and who stays back in case Sophia comes back. Daryl, Dale, and Andrea say they will stay to rig up a sign for Sophia in case she returns. Glenn is told to get T-Dog to the farmhouse because he needs immediate medical attention. When Daryl hears that he goes to his motorcycle and gets a bag filled with painkillers and antibiotics he has been carrying around and gives them to T-Dog for temporary relief.

Shane and Otis arrive at the FEMA shelter to see that it is surrounded with “walkers”. Shane opens the trunk of an abandoned police cruiser and throws flares into the crowd of walkers to distract them long enough for he and Otis to get inside.

Herschel tells Carl’s parents that he needs to begin the procedure soon. Rick says that he will go to the FEMA shelter to help but Lori demands that he stay because she needs him there with her.

Shane and Otis find everything they need at the shelter. As they are leaving the walkers spot them and they run for it. They get surrounded and Shane shoots through a building window and closes the security fence behind them. It seems as though they are trapped feet away from the walkers with a single screw holding the security fence between them.

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