the office recapping: spooked

By: Joe Finch

Halloween episodes of The Office are always highly anticipated, as there have been some classic costumes unveiled over the years (3-hole punch Jim, Gabe as Lady Gaga, Kevin as Michael Moore). The kudos for best getup this year definitely go to Creed (for shock value if nothing else), who dressed up as Osama Bin Laden. Other ridiculous attire included Meredith’s Kate Middleton gown (a duct-taped undershirt concoction), Phyllis’s sexy bunny lingerie (which Andy vetoed), and Erin’s adorable Wendy’s outfit. However, appropriately representing this season thus far, most of the costume ideas came off as lazy and unenthused. Jim, Kevin and Darryl wore Miami Heat jerseys, while Gabe, Toby and Kelly all dressed identically as skeletons. Aside from the unmotivated idea of assigning uniform costumes to multiple characters, Pam was a kangaroo, Andy a laborer of some sort, and Stanley a chef. Perhaps, if the show still wanted to provide laughs, they could have had someone dress up as Michael Scott.

The Halloween special does deliver horror early on, as Robert shows up to the office, and plays a large role in the episode. His usual egotistical rambling stays consistent throughout, as he provides as much excitement to Halloween as the woman who gives out toothbrushes to trick-or-treaters.

A significant shift in storyline does occur, as the producers really hone in on the rollercoaster relationship between Jim and, uh, I mean Andy and Erin. In yet another attempt to go back to the well, we have to endure another love story involving a manager and a receptionist. Only this go-around, the receptionist is a one dimensional character, and the chemistry and friction between the feuding love birds is much harder to buy into.

In the true spirit of the October 31st holiday, we find out through Robert’s keen observations what really puts the spook in his employees. Creed demonstrates his fear of snakes, while Kevin trembles at the thought of mummies. Kelly is deathly afraid of loneliness, and Meredith reveals her phobia—Jim.

If this episode was stuffed into a jack-o-lantern bucket and I emptied out the contents, I would find few treats inside. With the exception of a few good one liners, the writers continue to dish out stale comedy. The last few seasons, trick-or-treaters who visited Dunder Mifflin got an abundance of goodies. This year, they threw a few pennies our way, but nothing more. Next year, we shouldn’t waste our time and just skip that office.


Andy – “The chef from South Park.”

Stanley – “Just a chef.”

Meredith – “You’re the people’s Princess. Diana was nothing.”

Toby – “Every Halloween I tell him the same thing. You can’t bring weapons into the office. And every year he says the same thing. ‘As soon as I get my weapons back, I’m going to kill you.’ But there I am at Thanksgiving alive, you know. I’m a lucky turkey.”

Jim – “I said no. Kevin started crying. So, I am Chris Bosh.”

Erin – “Send completed. You are the best in the biz.”

Robert – “And on this day of fantasy, you are—a  laborer.”

Pam – Dwight, are you eating a stick?”

Erin – “Pecker Poker. It’s the game of cards that gets you hard.”

Andy – “I’m sorry, this must be really uncomfortable for you.”

Robert – “I’m never uncomfortable.”

Erin – “She’s from somewhere—I bet. Maybe from the forest.”

Creed – “You don’t live as long as I have without a healthy fear of snakes, Bobby.”

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