the walking dead recapping: save the last one

We start with a scene of Shane showering and shaving his head. He look at his reflection in the mirror in what seems to be a trance-like stare. It made me feel uneasy enough to look away for a second. It gives you the feeling that something bad has or is about to happen.

  • After the intro we listen to Rick tell a story about Shane stealing their high school principal’s car while we see Shane and Otis trying to escape from a horde of zombies in a school. Lori asks that Rick keep his strength up.
  • Daryl decides to go looking for Sophia at night and Andrea tags along against the advice of Dale.
  • Shane and Otis devise a plan for the both of them to make an escape from the school,  but they have to separate. Otis runs through the school while Shane jumps out of a window. Shane badly injures his leg on the fall and has a noticeable limp, slowing his rate of movement.
  • Glenn and T-Dog arrive at Herchel’s farm.

  • Herschel warns Rick and Lori that if Shane and Otis don’t return soon with the medical supplies they will have to begin the procedure anyway.
  • Daryl shares a story with Andrea about when he was lost as a child and found his way home safely all alone…but he did manage to wipe himself down with “poison oak”.
  • Lori asks Rick if the world they live in is a world fit for children. She thinks if Carl dies tonight it might be for the best. Clearly the situation has driven her almost to a breaking point. It’s clear Rick doesn’t share the same sentiment.
  • Shane and Otis meet up outside of the school.
  • Carl wakes from his coma and begins to tell Lori about the deer he saw before he was shot until his body begins to seize and he falls back into a comatose state. Herchel says he needs another transfusion. Rick agrees even though Herchel warns him of the health issues he may face.
  • Daryl and Andrea run into a zombie hanging from a tree. Some guy got bit and decided to commit suicide before he turned…he failed in that attempt clearly. Daryl opts to let him keep hanging but Andrea asks him to end the zombie’s life. He kills the zombie when Andrea tells him about her thoughts on staying alive.
  • T-Dog gets stitched up by Otis’ wife, Patricia. Glenn praying for his friends, on the farmhouse porch. Maggie comes out with him. Maggie tells Glenn that his can believe in in God but “you have to make it okay, somehow. No matter what happens”. I love the cryptic and desperate nature of that line!
  • Otis and Shane are in dire straits. They only have 9 sidearm rounds between them with the horde close on their tails. Shane tells Otis to take the supplies and go on without him. Otis says no. He helps a h Shane up and they keep moving.
  • Lori and Rick decide to begin the procedure on Carl because Shane and Otis haven’t returned yet. As soon as Herchel is about to begin the procedure Shane returns with the supplies…alone. He tells Rick that Otis was caught by the zombies and there was nothing he could have done. Shane is clearly shaken up. Rick consoles him by saying “(Otis) wanted to make it right”. Herchel tells everyone not to tell Patricia until after the operation.

  • Dale apologizes to Andrea when she returns. He gives her the gun he confiscated from her back. He asks that she not make him regret it. He asks for forgiveness. And Andrea said “I’ll try”.
  • Herchel tells everyone that Carl “seems to have stabilized” much to everyone’s delight. He asks how does he tell Patricia about Otis. Rick says he’ll help deliver the bad news while Lori goes with Carl. Shane checks on Lori and Carl. An emotional Lori asks Shane to stay with the group. He nods that he will.
  • Maggie gives Shane some of Otis’ clothes to wear and directs him to the restroom to shower. As Shane is checking for scars and bruises he hesitates when he sees a plug of hair missing. Then we get to see Otis’ demise…
  • As Shane and Otis are slowly escaping from the horde of zombies and are down to their last bullets, Shane looks at Otis and says “I’m sorry” and then shoots him in the leg. Otis wrestles with Shane just a few feet away from the horde and eventually Shane breaks free. The zombies surround the injured Otis and tear his body apart in another gruesome show of awesome. When then cut back to Shane staring at himself in the mirror.

I know there have been some complaints about the lack of action in the season thus far but this episode should halt some of that ridiculous chatter. Also, after watching this episode I wish I had added Shane to my list of favorite characters. Why isn’t foresight ever 20/20?

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