modern family recapping: treehouse

Last week I was pretty disappointed with Modern Family. They chose to repeat last year’s Halloween episode instead of making a new one. Did I love last year’s Halloween episode? Absolutely. Enough to see it again as this year’s Halloween episode? Eh, not so much. But what’s done is done, so let’s move on to this week’s episode.

Over at the Dunphy Household. Phil wants to build Luke a tree house. Though he tells Claire that he ran this whole idea by her and she agreed, he didn’t. He just knew she would say no and he couldn’t have Claire raining on his tree house parade. Well played Phil. Haley is working on her college essay, but she can’t seem to find the right angle for it. She blames this on her parents for making her life too easy. Claire surreptitiously claims to have something Haley needs to see. Haley a little panicked blindly follows Claire.

Jay and Gloria has another couple over for dinner, Jay’s friend Shorty and Jennifer Tilly. The two are talking about all the different things they do together, like salsa dancing, picnics, etc. Gloria complains to Jay that they never do anything fun together. Shame on you Gloria! You and Jay watch Colombian soap operas together! Anyway, Jay isn’t bothered by the lack of activities in their lives, because he prefers loafing on the coach to salsa dancing. The couple invite Gloria to join them, despite Jay’s unwillingness to go. She agrees.

Cam and Leslie Mann

Cam and Mitchell are out with another gay friend, when the waitress starts flirting with Cam. Cam believes she’s flirting because she doesn’t know he’s gay and she’s interested. Mitchell claims it’s because she wants a good tip. To prove Mitchell wrong, Cam bets doing the laundry for a month, that he can get the number of any woman in the room. Mitchell accepts and picks a beautiful blond (played by Leslie Mann, love her!) at the bar. Cam goes over and pretends that they know each other, she makes up some story about a coma and that’s why she can’t place who he is, he feels bad, reveals what he did, they both laugh, have a nice chat, and then she gives him her number, much to Mitchell’s chagrin.

While building the tree house with Luke, Phil tells him he wants it to be a hangout for Luke and his friends because making friends isn’t so easy once you’re an adult. But the tree house turns out to be slightly harder to build than Phil had expected and Luke fears for his life a bit. Luke abandons the project and when Phil tells him he’s building this tree house for him, Luke questions this, which apparently is Luke’s surefire way of getting Phil to go deep into thought, allowing Luke to slip out unnoticed.  Phil makes friends with the neighbor, giving him a purpose for the tree house. Claire wants to give Haley an obstacle to overcome, so she drops her off at a random tree in the middle of nowhere and tells her to get home. Haley’s pretty PO’d once she arrives home, her hair messy and her face a little dirty, but I see Claire’s point. Kudos Claire.


Jay tells Manny that he doesn’t want to go dancing with Gloria because he can’t dance. So Manny, loving Salsa as much as he does (that kid is really weird), offers to teach Jay. Jay doesn’t seem to be getting it. Mitchell shows up announced, interrupting the salsa lessons, and gives Jay a solution, a pill. Apparently it’s how Mitchell loses his inhibitions when he goes out dancing at the gay club. Jay surprises Gloria at the salsa club, after having taken the pill. Yeah, it was baby aspirin.

Cam laments to Mitchell how bad he feels about misleading Leslie Mann’s Character, (anyone catch her name?). So he decides to call her and let her down gently. But he can’t do it over the phone, so he tells her to drop by. As she goes on and on about feeling a connection and wanting to take him to her sister’s wedding, Cam feels worse and worse. Finally he tells her she’s gay. She doesn’t understand why she’s telling him this because obviously she knew all along. Cam hiding his gay is like Gloria hiding her “assets”, can’t be done. Cam is embarrassed and doesn’t want to hear Mitchell gloat so she puts on a big theatrical show about being heartbroken, even kissing Cam, which apparently was so good he forgot he was gay for a second. I hope her role is reoccurring. For serious, love her.

Best Quotes

Cameron: If she were I would never have been that smooth. It’s ironic, like “The Gift of the Vagi.”
Phil: Did I just say wife gets in the way? Cause sometimes I do that.

Manny: Forbidden dance floor, only makes me want it more.
Haley: Dear College, Cheese makes me gassy, see you in September.

Cameron: How would she know I’m gay?
Mitchell: Maybe by the way you ordered a drink a doodle do.
Phil: You know who can’t climb trees?
Luke: Raccoons?
Phil: Worries. Raccoons can and will so don’t leave food up here.

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