revenge recapping: charade


The Greyson’s are celebrating their 25th anniversary, like every normal couple, with a spread in The Times and an intimate but lavish soiree. Victoria seems to be finding it difficult to play the part of happy wife in their happy couple, but she does her best. Conrad on the other hand seems to have no problem with putting up the image.  I’m starting to think he’s the more vindictive one in their relationship.

Emily goes over to Nolan’s place to find out what’s going on. She wants to see if he’s really done. He’s hired a bodyguard to keep him safe and decided it’ll be more of a consulting role. Emily hands him his first solo take down, Tyler. Nolan eagerly accepts, since this one probably won’t be dangerous.

Emily pops over to Daniel’s house, to see what’s up and why he wasn’t returning her phone calls. He glosses over his stumbling and confusing episode and just claims to have crashed at work. He’s a little dense. Tyler listens to their conversation via phone – seriously, could he be any more of a creeper!? Emily asks Daniel not to mention her in the interview he’s about to do for The Times.

When Emily arrives home her door is ajar. Emily quietly slips into the house and reaches for her gun which is already missing. Frank appears on the other side of the room holding it. He questions her need for a gun with this much firearm, then warns her that he’s not done digging around for dirt on her. He leaves with no great confrontation. Seconds afterwards Emily lunges for the carpet in front of the fireplace, lifts up the floorboard, pulls out her wooden box (the hiding place is revealed!), and calls someone on cellphone from inside the box. This person calls her “Amanda” and agrees to help. Reinforcement is on the way.

Dinner Party

The soiree is going to be quite an interesting event. Tyler has asked if Ashley could come as his date, Victoria said it’d be fine. Charlotte wants to bring a date, but Victoria said no. Can’t imagine why she would listen to that, so of course Declan will be there. Victoria and Conrad will be there and they hate each other. And Daniel brings Emily who Tyler and Victoria hate.

Though Daniel smiles adorably when the reporter brings up his love life, he doesn’t betray Emily and give away her name. But, of course, Tyler does. The reporter shows up at Emily’s house. She hesitates at first but concedes to giving the interview. Later, after frolicking in the waves with Daniel, Emily tells Daniel that Tyler was the one who revealed their relationship. Daniel is finally starting to see through Tyler’s apparently “good” intentions. Maybe he’s not so dense after all. Emily gets a call from her contact, the judge in her case (I think, she’s definitely a judge but the relationship isn’t entirely clear). The judge said that she’s taken care of Frank for now, but tells Emily not to let her guard down.  Oh silly Judge, it’s gonna take more than a flimsy lock to keep Frank out.

Emily shows up at the Stowaway to give Jack an old maritime compass as a thank you for fixing the swing. Jack seems embarrassed and asks her not to mention the other night. They agree that they’re going to be friends.

Frank and Stripper

Frank obtains the file of Emily Thorne and discovers someone who is not the Emily Thorne that he knows. He tracks down the real Emily Thorne at a strip club. She’s pretending to be Amanda Clarke. Frank gets the game (he’s quick that one) and offers Emily Thorne (the stripper) the chance at more money if she will just expose Emily Thorne (actually Amanda Clarke). She agrees to meet him in the parking lot when her shift is done.

Nolan entices Tyler to come over to his place with some information about Tyler’s past. Conveniently this meeting will take place at the same time as the Greyson’s Anniversary Soiree. Nolan and Tyler have their negotiation and… what? I mean I expected that from Tyler, but whoa Nolan. Did anyone else know he was gay? Did I miss that? Or is my fake TV show character “gaydar” not working correctly?

Declan at Dinner

Dinner didn’t go so well…of course. Declan made a scene because he doesn’t fit in and stormed out. Charlotte followed. Declan’s scene revealed that Emily had visited Jack and lead him on, so Daniel storms out and Emily follows him. Ashley is worried about Tyler and leaves the dinner table when everyone starts erupting.  That left the happy couple abandoned at the dinner until they leave too, with Conrad chasing after Victoria.

Frank calls Victoria to tell her that he figured it out, but before he can say too much he’s hit on the head by Emily Thorne (stripper). Guess he’s not that quick. Emily hangs up the phone and hits him again.

Charlotte like Declan

Charlotte follows Declan all the back to the stowaway and says that he’s just gonna have to accept that she likes him. Emily follows Daniel and tells him that she and Jack are just friends. Then she tells him she’s falling in love with him, but he walks away. After a touching moment with his mom, where they discuss that you can’t help who you fall for and Victoria has a flashback of trying to warn David Clarke but being stopped by Frank, Daniel runs back to Emily. He talks about the moment they met and how it’s the unpredictable moments that really change your life. She spilled a drink…unpredictable moment my ass. Even if it wasn’t purposeful I don’t think I’d call someone being a klutz an unpredictable moment. But whatever, they’re falling in love…oh wait no, he’s falling in love and she loves Jack.

While Conrad is sitting at her bedside, Lydia wakes up. This could be a problem.

Emily Thorne (stripper) shows up at Emily Thorne’s (Amanda Clark) house and tells her what happened. Frank’s body is shown rather sloppily hidden on the side of the road. This could be a bigger problem.

Two Ominous Quotes this week:

Frank:I’m going to redeem myself with you Victoria or I’m going to die trying.” (Yeah, we all know what happened there.)

Ed (Nolan’s Bodyguard): We also do panic rooms.
Emily: I don’t panic.    (Kinda makes me think that as some point she will…)
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