thoughts on the walking dead: cherokee rose

Shane’s Conscience

The episode begins with everyone at the farmhouse having a funeral-like ceremony for Otis who was left for dead by Shane in order to escape with medical supplies. Otis’ wife asks for Shane to share Otis’ “final moments” since he was the last one to see him alive. Shane is clearly being haunted about the decision he made as he tells a made-up account how Otis died. Later, Shane asks Lori if she meant it when she asked him to stay with the group. She tells him yes.

I like that Shane’s character is finally productive in the plot. I know he was having sex with Lori in the beginning of the first season but that issue has been, mostly, swept under the rug.

Daryl’s Dedication 

Daryl has never been one to divert from a plan he has set upon and that is still the case now. He continues to search for Sophia. He even goes off by himself to do so. It seems as though the other members are almost giving up on the chance that Sophia is still alive but Daryl.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that Daryl’s brother went missing and he has never had the chance to search for him so he is putting all the effort into finding Sophia. He even finds a “Cherokee rose” for Carol and tells her a comforting tale to help her deal with their current situation. Daryl is turning into just the right balance of anti-hero the group needs.

Rick’s Proposal

Hershel tells Rick that his group can’t stay at the farmhouse permanently. He says that after they find Sophia and Carl heals from surgery that they have to move on. Initially Rick says he understand but he changes his stance later on. Rick asks Hershel to reconsider. He says that Hershel doesn’t understand how difficult it is “on the road”. He also says that he just wants to be able to do what’s best for his son who he feels he lets down everyday. After a story about Hershel’s father being less than spectacular to him he tells Rick that if his group can obey Hershel’s rules then he might be willing to let them stay around.

Even though most of the “action” happens away from the farmhouse I think it’s a great hub for Rick’s group to plan and just take a safe break every now and again. I don’t feel as thought they’ll be calling Hershel’s farmhouse  home for too long but it’s what they need right now.

Side (Con)Quests

  • Lori may be pregnant. By who? My money is on Shane – but who trusts ONE self-pregnancy test, right? Right?!
  • The water supply on the farmhouse may be contaminated after a walker’s insides are spilled in a well.
  • Excuse my maturity but…”Glenn and Maggie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G (and sexing).” Well played.
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One thought on “thoughts on the walking dead: cherokee rose

  1. Mrtripplewow says:

    Well I just can’t tell which direction this shows headed. A part of me wants to see Rick take on a darker role. He’s already starting to re evaluate some things that I think will push him down the path that Shane went.

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