thoughts on dexter’s ‘just let go’

Most people believe we have free will, that we all choose our path. Sometimes the path is clear, sometimes not so much. Every twist, every turn can challenge our sense of direction. But it’s the choices we make when we reach a fork in the road that define who we are.” – Dexter

I was wrong. Just Let Go did not prove to be the episode where we finally learn the “secret” behind Travis and Gellar’s relationship. There were clues…but nothing concrete. That disappointment aside, there seemed to be a greater focus on the other dynamics, like Dexter and his Dark Passenger, Quinn’s downward spiral and the increasing redundancy of LaGuerta in every episode. Not everyone is in love with the major religious theme of the season, but without it, we might not have seen the return of one of Dexter’s more significant characters, as well as the loss of another.

  • Clues that Gellar is nothing but a figment: (1) Gellar picked out the ‘tawdry’ outfit for their victim, but didn’t pay. Maybe he’s cheap, but I doubt it. (2) Gellar asks questions he would know the answer to if he were involved in the process (i.e., did Travis brand the woman yet). He sounds like he’s speaking as a conscious and not a partner. (3) Lisa, Travis’ sister, mentions that he’s a great artist. Gellar’s painting is really good. They could have bonded over their expertise with a paintbrush…or…Travis is doing the paintings. (4) Travis makes no mention of what happened with Dexter.
  • “You and Sam are friends.” This may be the first time Dexter has ever been called anyone’s friend and it was genuinely true. I don’t count Batista, because their ”friendship” is a convenience from working together, if that.
  • It was pretty sloppy for Dexter to call Leo Hernandez’s baby mama and say he was from the Department of Child Services. Maybe there’s a block on the caller ID for calls made from the police department. Or perhaps, and more likely, I was just overanalyzing a really insignificant scene.
  • What was the point of the writer’s making Quinn and Batista form that quick and corny buddy cop thing just to bring it back full-circle in this episode? Sure, Quinn played the ‘partner card’ and Batista had his back, but by the time the credits were rolling, Quinn was back to being a douche (sort of understandably) while Batista and Deb were BFFs again.
  • Dexter seemed to care more about Brother Sam being shot than when Rita was killed. Usually Dexter has to pretend he’s feeling normal human reactions, like at Rita’s funeral, yet when Jamie asks him about Sam, he has to pretend he’s not. And speaking of Dexter’s internal conflict…
  • Harry sends mixed messages. Sometimes it’s fine for Dexter to be detached and other times he shoves Dexter in the “light” direction. But since he’s not real, it speaks to how Dexter’s own conflicting emotions play out when Michael C. Hall isn’t giving us a play-by-play in the voiceovers.
  • Deb finds it hard to talk to Dexter since she’s his boss now. If only she knew that big brother probably didn’t give that whole thing a second thought, except for being genuinely proud of her.
  • Please don’t make Anderson into another Doakes. I didn’t like Doakes, at all.

  • Louis, Masuka’s intern, is played by Josh Cooke. I Love You, Man….I couldn’t place him last week, which was bugging me.
  • Raise your hand if you knew Nick was Brother Sam’s shooter after the fifth time they beat us over the head with the dog as a clue. Way to slap us with the obvious, although I was oblivious.
  •  Why is Travis keeping a fridge with his own transfused blood?
  • Deb was jealous. “I could give a fuck who you fuck.” Classic Deb avoidance. Regardless, Quinn was still completely asinine for sleeping with a potential witness. I forsee them drawing a connection between her and Travis btw.
  • Brother Sam thought Dexter’s darkness was fueled by hate. His speech was a little trite, but moving nonetheless. Although I appreciate that he sees Dexter’s light, I just don’t think his Dark Passenger is driven by a hatred for his “victims”. Sorry Brother Sam.
  • Louis, stay the hell away from Jamie. I NEVER like anyone with smarts getting close to anyone with access to Dexter, it makes me uneasy, like they might start snooping around…finding stuff.
  • Light vs. Dark. I really thought Dexter was going to let Nick go and was all prepared to hear the many Dexter fans shout how pissed they were that Dexter got to the fork and went the “good” route. Unfortunately or fortunately, Nick’s darkness beat out any light Dexter may have had in that moment. Dexter’s not usually so public with his murders, but then again, Dexter never been one to turn down the opportunity for a justly killing.
  • Travis let the girl go. Daddy Gellar is going to be pissed.

Next on Dexter …


Of course with arguably one of the purest people Dexter has ever encountered ripped form his life, there was room for the darkest to return. One Brother (Sam) is gone and another brother (Brian Moser) comes back. Thank you for the symbolism Dexter writers. Judging from the promo, the Trinity Killer is back. And yes, we all know that’s not literal.

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4 thoughts on “thoughts on dexter’s ‘just let go’

  1. Jay says:

    Some questions if Gellar is nothing but a figment. Than what do you think happened to him, maybe Travis Killed him or something, because I’m finding it impossible for that to be true, since he is known to be real. They have him working as a professor, sleeping with the Assistant and all that. You should explain more.

    • nicolewritenow says:

      I think he’s a figment in the same way Harry is for Dexter. They were both alive and well at one point, but in the form they’re in now, they’re nothing but figments of the imagination. If all of that is the case, then I think Travis and/or Porter killed him.

  2. livlives says:

    Not so sure about the whole figment thing. If Gellar was dead then the detectives at Miami Metro surely would have figured that out by now, no?

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