thoughts on american horror story: piggy piggy

Piggy Piggy’s 1994 opening disturbed me in a way that hasn’t been done since Sons of Anarchy’s season two opener. Unfortunately, that was the “high” point of an otherwise disconnected evening. I won’t go as far as to say it was filler, but the episode essentially reiterated what the Halloween special covered, while only moving the plot along ever so slightly.

  • Tate is definitely my favorite character now. Yes, he’s a monster, but he’s also so hopelessly fucked up. Maybe my sympathy for Tate comes from that last scene with Violet holding him or knowing that he really has no clue what he did. But mostly, I’m hoping Larry is right and the house does make you do very bad things or as Constance put it, “This house will make you lose your sanity.”
  • Violet used Roundsearch (seemingly a nod to Google) to find the Westfield High articles and it was all down hill from there. We knew she was chock full o’ angst, but similar to her ghostly bf, she seemed tortured. I’m interested to see how this influences her relationship with Tate and her family. Also, I didn’t feel like she was trying to commit suicide until Tate thought she was.
  • Billie Dean Howard was played by Sarah Paulson (Serenity, Nip/Tuck, etc.) and we know she’s a medium…but that’s pretty much it.
  • Vivien’s fake security call was step one on what seems like a path down Infidelity Street. She’s dealing with a lying, cheating husband and Morris Chestnut is the potential ‘male mistress’…who can blame her? SN: As the wronged party, it’s understandable that she calls the shots, but I’d love for her to get a job/hobby/something so her air of authority makes more sense.
  • The Piggy Man urban legend has to be fake since it’s so incredible stupid. Fortunately, this is the closest thing I could find and it sounds way more interesting. And speaking of…
  • Ben’s patient, played by Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), should sue Ben for idiocy. Your patient is deathly afraid of urban legends and as a professional you think it’s a good idea to have him face his fears in your home? The same home that messes with you and your family on a weekly basis? No wonder the majority of your patients end up dead.
  • Moira offers to work for free. As if she has a choice. Ha!
  • Raw brains…for the baby, of course. The look of “huh” and “WTF” Vivien had on her face after blissfully eating that organic delicacy makes me wonder if she had any control over her body while eating it. Maybe Constance put something in the other items she brought over or perhaps it’s the devilish offspring the ultrasound technician is convinced she’s carrying.
  • The dead can hold a grudge better than most Scorpios.” Touché Billie. (For the people that wonder what this means: Scorpios, myself included, are ‘notoriously’ petty and will hold a grudge until the day after forever.)
  • Addie didn’t want to be with Tate in death. So that means that she’s dead now, right? Constance didn’t make it to the yard in time, so Addie is dead. And by dead, I mean the kind that doesn’t come back, not the kind that run around the basement.
  • Violet is a medium and Tate’s in love with her. If that’s true, then why can Ben and Vivien see the dead too? I would argue that they can only see them while in the house, but Larry pops up during Ben’s jogs.

We’re official half-way through the season and next week it looks like the focus is on the baby, as well as Vivien and Ben’s deteriorating relationship.

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5 thoughts on “thoughts on american horror story: piggy piggy

  1. Larry and Constance aren’t dead… They’re “survivors” of the house that are still caught up in its drama.

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