ghost adventures recapping: return to virginia city

This week, the guys are returning to Virginia City once again in search of the paranormal. They first hit the town during their 2004 documentary (before Zak discovered the all-black ensemble) and again in 2009. Keeping with the theme, their third visit will have three lockdown locations: St. Mary’s Art Center, the Silver Queen Hotel, and the Miner’s Cabin at the Yellow Jacket Mine.


The interviews begin at the St. Mary’s Art Center, which was originally a hospital in the 1870s. Both Zak and Aaron are wearing cowboy hats (black, of course) and Nick has a 100-degree fever, but Zak is excited about his friend’s suffering as it might trigger the hospital’s spirits. An EVP of cowboy singing was recorded at the location in 2009, and caretaker Angela Zelasko claims she heard men’s voices and a doorknob rattle when she was in the building alone. Her husband Ron tells of the two main spirits at the location, an injured miner and a nurse who perished in a fire. Off to the side, Zak and Aaron discuss the local priest that was found dead in the basement of the gunshot wound – a death no one wants to talk about.

Ghost Adventures Cute Ghost Hunting Kid

The guys stop briefly by the Washoe Club, where an adorable 6-year-old boy named Alex excitedly tells them of his paranormal experiences there. The next stop is the Silver Queen Hotel, where in 2004 they caught an apparition of an arm. The guys meet with Reverend James, the “Pistol Packin’ Preacher,” who is as awesome as he sounds. He tells them of the prostitute named Rosie who committed suicide in room 11, and that if they attempt to communicate her spirit might stop by.

Ghost Adventures Pistol Packin Preacher

Finally, the guys visit the Miner’s Cabin with historian Debbie Bender. The nearby Yellow Jacket Mine was the site of a horrific fire in 1869, and many of the men who were pulled out of the mine were brought to the cabin to die.


To begin the investigation, the guys split up – Zak will be by himself in the Silver Queen with tech guy Billy watching static cameras, while Nick and Aaron will be at the Miner’s Cabin. Almost immediately Zak notices a spike on his EMF detector, and Billy confirms they caught an orb on video. Zak continues to get EMF spikes, centered around a bouquet of flowers, and feel energy around his hand. He is able to use the detector to trace the energy around the room.

Meanwhile at the cabin, Nick is having trouble breathing. One of their devices begins to alarm in the next room at the same time they capture an EVP of footsteps. They decide to walk down to the mine with thermal camera. Nothing much happens.

Zak tries to sweet talk the spirit into giving him a kiss to thank him for the flowers, and gets EVP of a woman’s moan. He then uses the spirit box to further communicate, and starts getting intelligent responses, including a shout of “WATER!” when he asks about committing suicide in the bathtub.

The guys and Billy then head to St. Mary’s Art Center, where they each split up to cover a floor with a digital recorder. After 2 hours nothing happens, and they let Billy out of the building. The guys start to walk around. Aaron hears footsteps on the stairs, and Zak gets excited when he sees a white mist on the stairs and gets an EMF spike.

Ghost Adventures chair ghost

They head up to third floor of the hospital, which housed the mentally ill patients and had iron bars on the windows. Nick goes into the room where the miner died. His EMF detector alarms, and they capture a strange light anomaly around a chair in the room. Zak tries to argue it’s not a light reflection, but I’m not so sure – paranormal or not it’s just too hard to see. Nick asks about the bars on the windows, and gets an intelligent EVP stating, “they’re iron strips” in response.

Zak ends the episode saying Virginia City is just as active as ever. Compared to the episode at Letchworth Village from two weeks ago, or even their previous visits to the city, the activity was pretty subdued. Let’s stop revisiting former glories and look for some new, large, creepy locations. Please?


Zak – You can see some of the memorabilia that Nick, Aaron, and myself wore when we filmed our documentary back in 2004 that started our Ghost Adventures, including the shirt that I wore. Check it out! I even used to wear white.

Zak – If the Pistol Packin’ Preacher says this place is haunted, well, I’m not going to argue with the man who carries a real .44 and is called the Pistol Packin’ Preacher!
Reverend James – Well, I haven’t shot anybody today but it’s still early.

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