boardwalk empire recapping: two boats and a lifeguard


It seems as though Nucky has a trick up his sleeve in the episodes to come. He publicly made Atlantic City, and it’s players, aware that he is steeping down as Treasurer but that doesn’t seem to be the end game to his plan. I like that Nucky is showing that running Atlantic City isn’t about having the most muscle but knowing when to pick one’s battles. I’m not sure what he has planned with the assistance of Rothstein and Torio – or the upcoming trip to Belfast – but I’m positive it’s more than just retirement.


Jimmy is beginning to feel the pressure of being a power player in Atlantic City. He has Horvitz on his back about the money he owes him. Eli is doubting that he knows what is about to happen with Nucky. And Angela, unbeknowst to Jimmy, may be having another lesbian episode. I never thought Jimmy had the experience to be successful as the “leader” of Atlantic City and even after this episode’s proceedings I feel the same way. Jimmy is just getting himself into a situation that he is not ready for, no matter who he has by his side.


  • Nucky and Eli’s father has died.
  • Van Alden hires a live-in nanny for his child.
  • Rothstein seems to think Lucky and Meyer are making deals that are undercutting his deals with Nucky.
  • Angela meets a new female friend, Louise, on the beach.
  • Horvitz pressures Jimmy about the money he is owed.
  • Nucky, Torrio, and Rothstein have a private meeting to discuss Nucky’s next move.
  • Angie attends a party with Louise and the two share a kiss.
  • Nucky asks Margaret’s children to start calling him “dad”.
  • Eli and Nucky get a chance to talk at their father’s wake. Eli is seemingly apologetic of his actions but Nucky is unforgiving.
  • Nucky announces that he is stepping down as Treasurer.
  • Nucky asks Chalky to get the black community to go on strike in the middle of “tourist season”.
  • Jimmy and his followers have a celebratory event at Babette’s. Eli tells Jimmy that Nucky is “smarter… and a lot more dangerous” than he is.
  • A frustrated Jimmy throws Doyle from the second floor through a table.
  • Nucky tells Slater to set up a meeting with McGarigle in Belfast.
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