homeland recapping: the weekend

Carrie and Brody

Going into the episode I wasn’t sure if Carrie was genuinely attracted to Brody or was she just doing her job. She revealed that she was doing the latter. But after Brody decided to leave her at the cabin and she heard that Brody wasn’t the POW that had been turned her feelings seemed to shift drastically. I don’t know if it is due to her not having her meds over the weekend though. I can’t quite figure Carrie, or her motives, when it comes to Brody yet but I do like the relationship they’ve built thus far.


Seeing as though I can never quite peg anyone’s real intentions in this show, Saul doesn’t get a pass either. I don’t know why he was hesitant to skip the polygraph test last week and why he seems so concerned to meet with anyone that has anything to do with the terrorist plot by himself. Although he hasn’t done anything that screams “terrorist” I’ll be watching his movements going forward.

Brody’s Family

Brody doesn’t want anything to do with Jessica anymore because of Mike. Dana doesn’t want anything to do with her mom because of Mike. Catching the drift? I understand that they made a relationship work when everyone thought Brody was dead but now that he is back could you at least let the man be with his family. Even if it is doomed to fail, let it be because they did it to themselves Mike. Also, Dana, drugs are bad.


  • Carrie and Brody go to Carrie’s family cabin for the weekend.
  • Saul wants to interrogate Aileen in private after they take her into custody.
  • Brody asks Carrie if she is willing to make their relationship more than just drunk sex. He tells Carrie he can’t be with Jessica anymore.
  • Saul gently interrogates Aileen during the trip from Mexico back to Virginia.
  • Dana tells Mike “there’s no place for my dad when you’re here”.
  • Aileen tells Saul that a man visited her and Faisel’s house and worked on the roof.
  • Brody figures out that Carrie was/is spying on him. She tells him about her suspicions. Brody agrees to answer whatever questions she has.
  • Galvez sees that a Marine landing pad might be in the line of sight for an expert sniper.
  • A sketch artist that Aileen is working with reveals that Tom Walker, the Marine that Brody allegedly killed, was the man that visited her home. Saul tells Carrie about this as Brody is leaving the cabin.
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2 thoughts on “homeland recapping: the weekend

  1. John says:

    Regarding your second-to-last highlight, if I didn’t misunderstand you — I’m pretty sure they said it was a landing pad for Marine One (not simply a Marine helicopter), i.e. the helicopter of the US president.

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