the walking dead: chupacabra


Coming into this season Shane was a small blip on my radar in terms of characters but he is steadily becoming one of my favorites. He has taken the anti-hero role I had Daryl pegged as coming into the second season. He is challenging Rick to make tough decisions by giving up on searching for Sophia. I don’t like the fact that he is still so wrapped up with Lori because at this point there can’t be anything else between them.


On a consistent basis Daryl has been trying he hardest to find Sophia. I’m not sure if it’s because he was in the same situation when he was younger or just because she is a helpless child. Either way, kudos bro. I don’t know how his hallucinations of his brother – and getting shot – are going to affect him going forward though.


Can someone throw her in a well filled with death already?!


I want to be upset with Hershel for all of the obvious reasons but I understand what he is saying to Rick and his people. With Daryl losing his horse and Rick allowing Jimmy, a 17-year-old, to go searching with them without his permission is something to get upset about. Resources are clearly at a low given the whole zombie apocalypse thing and mistakes like that can’t afford to be made. I don’t know what he is trying to hide with the walkers in the hayloft though, maybe that’s why he wants the others to leave so quickly?


  • Shane doesn’t agree with Rick’s plan to search for Sophia.
  • Daryl accidentally impales himself with an arrow while out looking for Sophia – he lost Hershel’s horse in the process.
  • Hershel is upset with Rick because he doesn’t feel his group in under control.
  • Glenn tells Dale about his relationship with Maggie. Dale warns him to not upset their host.
  • Hershel warns Maggie not to get too close to Rick’s group because they won’t be there long.
  • Andrea nearly kills Daryl as he returns to the farm by grazing him in the head with a  bullet. She thought he was a walker from a distance.
  • Maggie asks Glenn for a late night rendezvous via note under the dinner table. Glenn suggests they meet at the hayloft and Maggie rushes to stop him. When Glenn gets there he sees that the hayloft is being used as a holding pen, of sorts, for walkers
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