thoughts on american horror story: open house

Open House was misleading. The promo hinted at a few things that didn’t happen, specifically the intense interactions between Ben and Vivien. When I heard ‘open house’, I expected to see people traipsing through the house, unsuspecting of its craziness. Instead we saw just one potential buyer and spent the majority of the evening seeing the layers (tiny, slow moving layers) peeled back on Constance and company.

  • Constance and Larry were in love in 1994. The same year Tate went on a shooting spree. Although it had to be later in the year since Constance had already moved out and the son she was most worried about was Bo. The red ball hints that this was the person Addie was playing with in the basement and we now know that Constance had Larry kill him.
  • Vivien is having twins. It’s probably unrelated, but I immediately thought of the twin boys that were killed in 1978.
  • Mr. Escandarian was played by Amir Arison, Prince Farid Bin Abbud on Homeland.
  • Larry has been lying about how he became disfigured. Since he’s a liar, I don’t know what to make of anything his character says anymore. Well that’s just great.
  • Vivien’s masturbatory fantasies aka the misleading bit from the promo. She isn’t cheating on Ben…yet. But she thought about the security guard, then Ben and then Ben in the rubber suit (we still don’t know who that was, but we at least know she thought it was Ben at the time). She really did deserve those few moments to herself.
  • Do you believe in ghosts?”  So Tate, what kind of game are we playing here? Do you know you’re a ghost now? Is this some Sixth Sense thing where you don’t figure it out until the end?
  • Watching Mr. E and Moira made me wonder…are her words as sexually laced as we hear or is that all part of how men see her? We’ve never heard the older Moira say any of these things, so do they sound ‘normal’ when she says them?
  • Larry has a home? It was nice seeing Ben with some gumption, but I’m still not convinced Larry is alive. Sure, Ben did a background check on Larry, but then again, he thinks Tate has a background too.
  • Larry was/is in love with Constance. He wanted the house for her then and he wants it now. He was willing to kick his wife out, as well as their kids, so Constance could live there again. His wife decided to burn down the house…and kill Larry? If any of his family really did die in the house, we’ll see them soon enough…unless Larry is the only one who died (I’m not letting go of that theory until I have to).
  • Armenians and OJ mentioned in the same episode…coincidence?
  • Charles frankensteined Thaddeus for Nora. Or maybe because he was sick in the head and drugged up. Either way, I didn’t want to see the ‘baby’ that scratched up Nora’s chest.
  • Why is Constance so mean to Larry? Is it because he died without getting the house back for her?
  • Violet was drawn to that attic like Ben to the basement. Now she knows how to get rid of the ghosts, courtesy of Tate, who may or may not know he’s a ghost as well. This is getting frustrating.
  • Tate hates Constance. Where are his mommy issues coming from? And is the reason he’s not having the visions because Halloween passed or is it Violet’s presence?
  • We’ve met Bo, Tate and Addie. All three are dead, but only Bo and Tate are tied to the house. Who the heck is the fourth?! Assuming Tate is her golden boy, the fourth is going to be disfigured.
  • Larry killed Mr. E and Moira helped. I’m pretty sure every male viewer cringed during that scene.

We end the night with Vivien seeing a picture of Nora…the same Nora that came to see the house. Maybe now mother and daughter can bond while dad stays eerily tied to the idea that all of the things that are happening to them can be easily explained.

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