thoughts on boardwalk empire: battle of the century

Nucky’s Trip to Ireland

Nucky heads across the pond to Ireland, with Owen Slater, to propose a deal to John McGarrigle. Nucky offers to give McGarrigle Thompson Machine Guns in exchange for Irish whiskey. McGarrigle turns down the deal because he thinks peace is soon coming for the Irish. His cohorts clearly don’t feel the same way because they have McGarrigle killed so they can proceed with the deal with Nucky.

I knew Nucky was going to Ireland for more than just a little vacation and now it seems as though he has alreadytaken a huge step on the comeback trail.

Team Darmody

Jimmy gets a visit from “Mr. Third Person”  George Remus himself and successfully brokers a deal for more alcohol. Darmody also meets with Waxy Gordon to talk about killing Horvitz in Philadelphia. Waxy sends his assistant to do the job but he ends up getting killed himself – the hitmen in the 1920’s have to have been the worst in the world! Horvitz finda a matchbook on the hitman that shows he came from Atlantic City so I assume he knows who was behind the failed hit.

Jimmy seems to make his decisions based on emotions alone and that can’t be the best decision in the business he is in. He is making too many enemies in his own backyard.

  • Esther Randolph questions Deputy Halloran about Hans Schroeder.
  • Emily has been diagnosed with polio.
  • Donn Purnsley begins a worker’s rebellion at a hotel, with Chalky’s permission.
  • Who is the better creep? Purnsley or Doyle? Like, seriously?
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