thoughts on dexter: sins of omission

“Kids trust everybody. They trust the food you’re giving them is safe to eat. They trust you to lead the way. They don’t question your motives. Give a kid a mouthful of sugar and trans fat and he’s your friend for life. Grownups are a lot harder.” – Dexter

I’d prefer the writers reward all of us for being attentive to the season by revealing how exactly the Gellar/Travis dynamic works. Instead, they toss out an episode full of head games. Although this could potentially make for an interesting season, I’m starting to get a little nervous, especially after last week’s Brian Moser let down.

  • Dear Deb, please shut up. Their brother/sister interactions have had a distinctive nagging wife/annoyed husband vibe to them this season. I blame Deb. Dexter is the same emotionally distant brother he’s always been.
  • Veggie bacon Travis? Turkey bacon is the only acceptable bacon substitute.
  • “Is it possible that Brother Sam changed me?Yes Dexter, it is. He may be in a weird grey-area in regard to religion these days, but Fun with Brian should have lasted at least a week or two. Only a changed Dexter would so easily dismiss one of his hugest influences like that.
  • Travis is scared of jail, but not the sacrifice that will come along with bringing about the end of the world? He’s delusional and Gellar is one of his delusions. Yes, Gellar was alive at one point, but I’m pretty sure that Travis killed him and the Gellar we’re all seeing is all part of Travis’ ongoing delusion.
  • LaGuerta is covering for Deputy Chief Matthews. Jessica Morris was sleeping with Matthews. She died, accidentally. LaGuerta is covering it up for Matthews so she can keep her blackmail power and subsequently keep her job.
  • Louis is completely genuine. I have to believe he’s just a Dexter fanboy and not up to something nefarious and sneaky.
  • A pen?! Dexter has at least two seasons left. If we’re going to believe he doesn’t get caught for a few more years, he can’t get caught in not-so-little white lies by using a pen. Ridiculous.
  • The Whore of Babylon tableau was created in broad daylight. I will momentarily suspend my disbelief and consider that it was hidden behind sheets, so maybe no one paid that much attention. However, Travis was “knocked out” and Gellar’s face is plastered all across the city, so if someone did see just him setting that whole thing up, they probably would have recognized him. Unless this is one of those schools where kids never actually use the playground.
  • Masuka and Quinn head to the strip club. The funny part wasn’t that Quinn got drunk (again) and was cut off/almost kicked out, but that Masuka somehow remained calm in a world that should have made his perverted little head explode.
  • Dexter never saw Gellar. Of course the scene was designed so that it wasn’t clear if he should have been able to see Gellar or not. More mindfuckery and we go into another week still unsure of whether it’s Travis/Gellar killer combo or Travis and Gellar, his imaginary friend.


Sarcastic Harry and Dexter covered in blood….I can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “thoughts on dexter: sins of omission

  1. Alex says:

    Without doubt the best episode of the season, feels like Dexter has a purpose now. Never really understood why he was tracking Doomsday, other than the fact that he enjoys killing people.

    Shame he had to kill Liddy.

  2. […] Chief Matthews and LaGuerta are in cahoots. Surprisingly, this was the second least shocking moment of the evening. Stay tuned for the lucky winner of that number one […]

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