thoughts on homeland: achilles heel

Walker is Alive: Now that we have proof that Walker is alive and, seemingly, involved in a terrorist attack I have no idea what to think anymore. I’ve gone from thinking it was Brody, then Estes, then Carrie, then Saul, and now Walker. I love having no clue when it comes to a good thriller but it does bruise my ego a bit.

Talking about Mike: I’m SO glad Jess and Brody finally discussed her relationship with Mike. Don’t get me wrong, I loved trouble in the home and all that jazz but all the avoidance and brooding emotions were getting a bit old. Now the family is coming together so the fall at the end will be that much greater…wishful thinking?

Here’s Looking at You Weiner: Anthony Weiner clearly has the best name when it comes to the scandal he found himself in recent news but “Dick Johnson” has to be a close second.  That’s all.

Elizabeth Gaines: I still don’t know how I feel about her character right now but she clearly has an agenda and the Brody family is an integral part of it. She seems like she may have ulterior motives with Saul as well, or maybe that was just me?

Carrie’s Epiphany: I’m staking my claim on this one: Carrie loves Brody. I’ve been on the fence about it before but now I know it’s true. I’ve blamed her actions with him on her medical condition and her just trying to learn more about him because of her job but after her conversation with Helen Walker, her epiphany about being lonely forever, and then…

That Awkward Moment When: You show up to Brody’s house to tell him that Walker is alive and that you didn’t have sex with him just because of your job when his wife comes outside. I honestly feel  sorry for Carrie. She has become my favorite character on the show and I can tell that she wants someone outside of work but her job just demands too much from her. Maybe she should try or something like that.

?!?!?: Why does Brody know where one of Abu Nazir’s associates lives? Why does he tell him that he is done dealing with Abu Nazir? Why am I never going to understand who is working with who?!?!?

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