thoughts on american horror story: rubber man

Rubber Man was either spectacularly done or a night of lazy plot devices designed to explain away a few key mysteries, which means this episode was either awful or amazing. I’m going to go with amazing. Not only was there a brief literary review (see Moira), but also we learned the identity and motive of the rubber man. Poor Harmon family.

  • Ghost rules don’t apply. A lot of viewers speculate about whether or not Larry is alive. This speculation is based on ‘ghost rules’ (i.e., he shouldn’t be able to leave the house if he’s a ghost or he killed Hayden which he couldn’t do if he was a ghost). Last night we learned ghosts could have sex with humans (Tate/Vivien and it seems Tate/Violet as well). Normal ghost rules don’t apply here and AHS ghost rules aren’t clearly defined enough to use them.
  • [SPOILER ALERT] Tate is the rubber man. I speculated that Tate was the impregnator and it turns out that blind shot in the dark was accurate. Tate was dead at the time of conception…so those twins are definitely not human. Tate did it for Nora, which makes his deceit almost altruistic. They’re really doing a good job of playing the monster/angel sides of that kid’s personality.
  • Poor Chad. It wasn’t enough that he saw the nasty sextuals between JungleJim4311 and Hardlovejunky656 or that he purchased an outfit designed to ‘dehumanize’ and make him a ‘sex toy’, something he clearly wasn’t comfortable with, but it turns out he was losing Patrick AND the house.
  • “Every relationship is a power play, with or without the props.

  • Hayden is a fast learner. Somehow she figured out in weeks, what Nora hasn’t realized in decades. They are dead and can’t leave the house. She realized that the house gives them power, which they can use to be visible or invisible. She also found the time to keep up a rousing sex (after) life with Constance’s former amor.
  • Violet hasn’t been to school in two weeks. Vivien is emotional absent and Ben is just…absent. They aren’t doing a great job with this whole parenting thing, maybe Nora and Hayden should take over the motherly duties.
  • Moira offers up a mini-lecture on feminism. Feminist critique of The Yellow Wallpaper, hysteria is derived from the Greek work for uterus and men, especially Ben, suck.
  • Poor Vivien. Hayden has dedicated a day to screwing with her, Violet decided that Tate’s love > mommy’s sanity and she’s convinced Ben is orchestrating the whole thing. No one can blame her for going women, interrupted.
  • “Maybe he laughed and you bit the man’s head off.Haha. I see what you did there.
  • Ben deserved to be shot. Subsequently, Vivien deserved to go to the loony bin. I don’t blame her for going crazy, but she didn’t even open her eyes when she pulled the trigger! That could have been Violet!

So what comes after the big rubber man reveal? The Pope, of course.


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2 thoughts on “thoughts on american horror story: rubber man

  1. “Last night we learned ghosts could have sex with humans…Tate/Violet.”

    What?! When?!

    • nicolewritenow says:

      They alluded to it during the scene where they’re laying in bed, cuddling. It’s not a definitive, “Yes, they had sex,” but I REALLY hope they did. Age difference and creepiness be damned!

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