thoughts on dexter: get gellar

“I’ve had my dark passenger for so long that I can’t really recall life without it. Like someone who has grownup with a club foot or a stutter or a lazy eye.” – Dexter

Yes, please. Get Gellar. Help us all stop obsessing over whether or not Gellar is “real”. And if Gellar is somehow “fake” and not a living, breathing DDKing mastermind, explain to us why the twists and turns weren’t subtler. I genuinely hoped that this would be the episode that revealed all and helped the writers redeem themselves for what has (thus far) been one of Dexter’s most polarizing seasons. Could Get Gellar be all that and more? Well…

  • Dexter mentioned he was going to help separate Gellar and Travis. Symbolic wording and a potentially good (and revealing) start to the episode.
  • Hotels have security cameras, right? Dexter “saves” Travis and gets him a hotel room. Sloppy! What about when Travis’ picture runs on the news and someone recalls seeing him with De….wait, what am I talking about. Of course hotels don’t have security cameras on this show.
  • “But if he’s always been this way, why would you suddenly expect him to change.Deb’s new psychiatrist offers up some (obvious) words of wisdom for Deb.
  • “…next installment of what the fuck.” Deb says the darndest things.
  • Quinn is slowly approaching rock bottom. Either that or his mommy banging/gun leaving/Batista fighting was purely for comedic value.
  • Dexter is a table, but Deb wants/needs him to be a chair. Michael C. Hall’s face during these exchanges was great.
  • When did Travis have time to get his laptop? And no, it wasn’t Dexter’s.
  • Harrison was so cute passing out the cookies. It was a sweet moment for the episode and illustrated how good a job Dexter is doing as a father.
  • Dexter takes a field trip to the university. He not only bypasses the seats in the back (perfect for going unnoticed), but he takes the time to warn the professor (perfect for drawing attention to himself). Again, sloppy.
  • Harry notes that it’s important to Dexter to kill Travis’ dark passenger. Interesting. Dexter sees his dark passenger as an ‘it’, while he sees Travis’ as an actual person.
  • The university is also without security cameras. Travis and Dexter go to stop Gellar from killing Professor Casey. They split up, of course. Dexter gets stuck in the elevator and Travis saves him. No security camera footage to catch any of this? Ok.
  • Blood bowls of wrath. Now we know how Dexter got all bloody in last week’s promo. Expecting something cooler was my own fault.
  • “We are responsible for the partners we choose.Deb’s psychiatrist was really on a roll!
  • Break the pattern, start with LaGuerta. Deb’s feisty backbone returns and its first victim? LaGuerta. And speaking of that increasingly irrelevant character…
  • Deputy Chief Matthews and LaGuerta are in cahoots. Surprisingly, this was the second least shocking moment of the evening. Stay tuned for the lucky winner of that number one spot.
  • Something is up with Louis. He impressed Jamie with his less than modest living arrangements and drew her in emotionally by ratting on her big bro and his over-protectiveness. Sex ensued and as the camera pulled back we saw the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case, the same one Masuka’s former intern stole and tried to sell. I’m still hoping this is all part of his “fan boy” persona or some how related to his video game.
  • “Did Travis act alone? Did Travis kill all those people?” [SPOILER!!!] Yes and yes. The winner of the least shocking moment of the evening? Gellar is dead and on ice, presumably killed by Travis some time ago. I, along with so many other viewers, called this outcome weeks ago. Not only was this moment a huge, yet not at all surprising letdown for me, but it made me doubt the value of the season. How do you come back from this?! Heartbreaking, but I’ll still hold a sliver of hope until the end.

Next week, on Dexter:

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